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What Would I Recommend to Other Seniors Losing Weight?

Last year, I challenged myself to overcome the barriers to seniors losing weight and to get rid of the extra pounds I’d collected throughout the pandemic. I blogged about it several times, including an update this year about how I planned to keep up my weight maintenance in a healthy way. Since then, several of my friends have asked me for advice to help them achieve their own goals.

Does Red Light for Weight Loss Really Work?

I’m curious about red light for weight loss.  I’ve already written about how I’ve tried it out on my face to help with a number of different symptoms, including just basic anti-aging.  I’ve tried out a mask as well as bulbs and have had a lot of fun looking into what LED light therapy wavelengths can and cannot do. 

It’s Time We All Stop Believing These Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss myths frustrate me.  After having spent the better part of early this year focusing on returning my BMI to where it should be after gaining during the pandemic, I am still very aware of what people are recommending for the purpose of sliming down. I continue to focus on maintaining my goal, and it can be a struggle not to deviate from that plan when I’m regularly bombarded with new tips, tricks and products…so man of which are not based on reality.