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Is Your Attitude Toward Sleep in Need of an Overhaul?

My attitude toward sleep has shifted quite a bit over the last handful of years and particularly over the last two or three when things became quite stressful. I’ve discovered that the way I think about sleeping alters my behaviors, when then have an impact on how much rest I get in a typical night. Since I’ve been sharing my tips about this for a while, I thought I’d continue my trend from this perspective.

Sleep Quality Overnight is More Important than Daytime Napping

Recently, I’ve been paying close attention to my sleep quality overnight. My Fitbit gives me a report on the rest I’ve had each night, and I’ve been trying to take steps to improve my score.  Among those improvements has been the belief that if I have the occasional rough night, I can always make up for it with a nap during the daytime. I’m retired, after all.