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How to Exercise Safely in Hot Weather

Every year I come to realize just a little bit more how important it is to know how to exercise safely in hot weather. I’ve known its importance to some degree for my entire life. Still, it isn’t until this particular time in my life that it has truly felt real, not just conceptual. So, as though there aren’t enough places sharing tips of this nature, I’m going to share my favorites here, in case it reaches someone and helps to save them from having something dangerous happen this summer.

Research is Discovering Why Exercise and Brain Health are Connected

How fascinating is it that exercise and brain health are so deeply connected. In recent years, the world has been making some massive strides toward understanding that physical and mental wellness are not separate entities as we used to believe. Instead, they’re two branches of the same thing and they are profoundly interconnected. This is true to the point that being active on a regular basis can physically alter the shape of your mind for the better.

Seniors Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk with Daily Exercise

Trying to reduce heart disease risk when you’re in your early adulthood doesn’t seem like much of a priority. Obviously, nobody wants to have some sort of cardiac incident later in life, but when you’re younger, you feel like you have time. According to new research I’ve just finished reading, that’s not quite the case.