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The Mouth Taping Trend Meant to Improve Sleep

As I was scrolling through the news headlines this morning, I came across one talking about the trend toward mouth taping, particularly among TikTok users. I most certainly fell for that clickbait, and I’m not quite certain that I’m glad I did. However, now that I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole, I’m fascinated by it and thought I’d take the chance to share

How to Stop Snoring So You Can Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Did you land here because you’re looking for ways to stop snoring or are you a regular reader of my blog? Either way, thanks for dropping by and I hope I can help you out with the information you’re looking for. If you or someone you sleep within hearing distance of snores (like my husband Peter), then you know how it can cause serious challenges to getting quality rest.

Yoga Nidra for Sleep is Helping Me and I Recommend It to You

Yoga nidra for sleep has started making its way into my life to the point that I have been practicing it regularly since December.  I’m not saying that I haven’t gone a night without it, but it’s easily been a part of my winding down routine more often than not.  Now that I’ve tested it on myself, I’m ready to recommend it to you too.