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3 Holiday Skin Care Treats for Gorgeous Gifts (one for you and one for me…)

I love holiday skin care. I love it as a gorgeous gift to give people throughout the holidays or under the tree, as well as for myself.  I think of them as tasteful hostess gifts and stocking stuffers and a good way to remind myself of self-care during this busy and often stressful season.

Dermatologists Must Cringe at These Skin Care Trends

I’m not a social media person, so I don’t tend to keep on top of skin care trends as much as some of my friends and family.  Still, because I am a social person (in real life!), I still hear about them through the old-fashioned grape vine of coffee chats with friends or talking to people on the phone. While some are useful and fascinating, there are others I would simply never try at home!