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Love at First Plight Review (Perspective Series 1)

This Love at First Plight review will be the first from the novels I added to My Books to Read in 2022 List earlier this year.  The next one is going to be Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield, the astronaut. I’ve already started that one and am on track to write about it soon. For now, though, I’ll be focusing on the Perspective series book.

My Books to Read in 2022 List

I’ve been working on my books to read in 2022 list for this year. I absolutely love reading, so this seemed like a pleasant thing to do. I decided that this year I would look to categories outside my usual favorite genres, to open my eyes to new things.  It feels like a good year to focus on new beginnings.

Education for Seniors: Learning at Any Age (Including Mine)

Education for seniors is something I’d been interested in talking about for quite some time. I’ve hesitated to get into it because it’s a broad topic, and I hadn’t been able to find the focus I wanted to discuss in a piece as short as my weekly posts. With the new year and as I begin a new course of my own, I’ve decided that it’s about time I get my thoughts together and note some points on the page.