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Seniors Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk with Daily Exercise

Trying to reduce heart disease risk when you’re in your early adulthood doesn’t seem like much of a priority. Obviously, nobody wants to have some sort of cardiac incident later in life, but when you’re younger, you feel like you have time. According to new research I’ve just finished reading, that’s not quite the case.

What My 60+ Strength Training Routine Looks Like

My strength training routine has become a matter of focus for me.  I feel that when it comes to cardio, that’s the type of workout I’m most likely to do. I keep it up regularly.  Same thing can be said for my work on balance and flexibility, as I practice yoga and tai chi on a steady basis. When it comes to maintaining muscles, the activities just don’t seem to naturally fit into my life, so I’ve decided to make them something I choose to do.  Yes, they’re a chore, but they’re a necessary one.

How to Make a Treadmill Less Boring for Seniors

I want to talk about how to make a treadmill less boring when you’re a senior.  I have seen all sorts of articles about how to make this piece of gym equipment more fun, but they all have to do with boosting your challenge, running instead of walking, using high knees, and all sorts of other additions that I just don’t think is necessarily appropriate for most of the people in my age demographic. So, here’s what I do to make it a workout session and not an exercise in monotony survival.