5 Steps to Stopping Weight Gain After Losing It

Stopping weight gain from occurring once the pounds have been lost is just as important as losing it in the first place.  If you don’t have a strategy in place to prevent the return of everything you worked to lose, it won’t be long before you find yourself wearing those old clothes again, or worse.

My Tips for Stopping Weight Gain

Tips for Stopping Weight Gain After working hard (and admittedly using FENFAST 375 diet pills to help me) to lose my pandemic pounds last year, I have adopted a number of habits in the name of stopping weight gain.  I was fortunate that it didn’t take me too long to get rid of the pounds that climbed their way on.  Still, I don’t want to have to repeat it. I have no intention of replacing all my clothes.

If you’re in a similar place to where I am, I thought I’d share the tips that I’ve been following to make sure I stay within a certain “acceptable” range and don’t end up letting those extra pounds sneak back on again.

5 Steps for Stopping Weight Gain that Work for Me

I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything but my own self. I certainly won’t guarantee that these will work as well for you as they have for me. That said, since they are effectively stopping weight gain for me, I wanted to be sure to share them in case you’ll also benefit.

1 – I’m Reasonable About Portions

I size up with foods that are filling, nutritious, and lower in calories and size down with foods that are high in calories, particularly if they’re highly processed or lower in nutrition. I don’t have any banned foods, but my balance is a mindful one.

2 – I Plan for Lazy Snacking

When I want a snack, I don’t want to have to prepare something. If there is something instant or something that involves a few steps, I’ll take the instant snack every time, even if I don’t like it nearly as much as the other option. Stopping weight gain for me involves choosing snacks – and preparing them in advance if necessary – that I will be able to grab and eat right away. By making sure those are always available, I don’t have to think about it. I just take the right choice because that’s what’s there.

3 – I Start My Meals with Stopping Weight Gain in Mind

I drink a full glass of something – usually water, but sometimes coffee or even plain kefir – before I start my meal. Then, I have something nutritious but very low in calories to start my meals. In the winter, that’s usually a broth-based vegetable soup. In the summer, it’s a salad.  That way, I’m filling up on fluids and fiber before even starting the main meal. It helps me to avoid overeating on the more calorie-dense options and stick to my portion control more naturally.

4 – I Eat a Portion of Protein is the Size of My Palm

I have a portion of protein the size of my palm at every meal. That might mean yogurt and almonds at breakfast, a hard-boiled egg at lunch or a piece of chicken at dinner. That much is the right portion size for me and by including it at every meal, it helps me to stay energized and full more evenly throughout the day.

5 – I Enjoy What I Eat

Stopping weight gain, for me, has a lot to do with making my eating habits something I do quite naturally. Therefore, I want to enjoy my food. If I feel deprived or deeply restricted, I will rebel against myself on occasion.  Instead, I don’t ban any foods and when I eat, I focus on the food’s appearance, smell, flavor and texture. By savoring it, instead of mindlessly wolfing it down, I get more out of it and need less of it to be satisfied.

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