The Fledging Review (The Hall Family Chronicles)

Right off the bat, I’d like to point out that The Fledgling really isn’t a book I’d ever have selected for myself. It’s not my kind of book. Still, there is a very specific reason that I added it to my books to read in 2022 list.  That specific reason is that a friend’s granddaughter insisted that I read it, and I am looking forward to being able to discuss it with her.

The Fledgling Review

The Fledgling ReviewTo start, I have to say that I was definitely surprised by this book. My The Fledgling review therefore likely wouldn’t be the same as one from somebody who had selected it for themselves because this is their genre.  Still, I feel it’s worth discussing here as it is quite the unique book.

Certainly, I’m no expert in this type of book. As I said, I don’t read books aimed at this age group.  Still, I was surprised at what The Fledgling brought to the table. Interestingly, this is a part of a series and isn’t the first one.  I was hesitant to pick up the fourth book of a series and dive right into it out of the blue without any knowledge of the three books that came before it. As it turned out, it didn’t seem difficult at all to sink into the story.

I could definitely sense that there was a family history there and a character history for our heroine, Georgie.  That said, enough was explained that I didn’t need to pick up the other three books. I really could hop right in, just go with the flow, and take on the story.  I’m glad I did.

Not Your Everyday Protagonist

Georgie isn’t like any character I’ve read in other books. Though this is a book set in the real world and it’s not a fantasy or science fiction book, it has a mystical side about it that centers around that character. She forms a relationship with a Canada Goose. I can’t decide whether it was meant to be taken literally or if it was metaphorical or even if it was just the girl’s imagination.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to see so much depth in the book or to experience something so thought provoking.

Whatever the case, it was a gorgeous, entertaining and fantastical read. I am grateful that The Fledgling was recommended to me and that I went ahead and read it.  I won’t spoil anything by talking about the specifics here, but I will recommend that you pick it up if you have the chance. It doesn’t take long to get through, so it’s lovely for the summertime.

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