Month: June 2022

5 Healthy Eating on a Budget Tips You’ll Actually Use

If you’ve walked into a supermarket lately, you’ve likely wondered if healthy eating on a budget is even possible. Has sticker shock ever been this bad? At least within the last ninety years, I’m going to guess that it hasn’t been. Still, even when you have a limit to the amount you can spend on food (who doesn’t?), it’s still possible to focus on nutrition without breaking the bank.

Research is Discovering Why Exercise and Brain Health are Connected

How fascinating is it that exercise and brain health are so deeply connected. In recent years, the world has been making some massive strides toward understanding that physical and mental wellness are not separate entities as we used to believe. Instead, they’re two branches of the same thing and they are profoundly interconnected. This is true to the point that being active on a regular basis can physically alter the shape of your mind for the better.