Weight Loss Motivation from a Celebrity I Have Nothing in Common With

I don’t often pay much attention to celebrity columns, particularly when it comes to trying to find weight loss motivation. I simply don’t feel that I can relate with their lifestyles or the resources they have to meet their goals. I respect many of them – don’t respect many of them – and wish them well in their ventures, but they don’t tend to have much of an impact on my own life.

How a Celebrity Gave Me Weight Loss Motivation

celebrity weight loss motivationWhen news reports point out that a celebrity has gained or lost a substantial amount of weight, I tend not to buy, click or read whatever publication has decided to include the piece. I think it says a lot about the quality – or lack thereof – of a newspaper or magazine that decides to make someone else’s body their business to share publicly.  Aren’t we trying to work against these types of judgments?

This doesn’t catch my eye or give me weight loss motivation. It just degrades my opinion of a newspaper or magazine.

When I started seeing headlines about Rebel Wilson having lost a considerable amount of weight, I curled my nose at any site that included a headline about her. This only worsened as they all started claiming that they knew her “secret”.  Whether it was herbal pills or an extreme diet, they all seemed to know how she dropped the pounds.

We Have Nothing in Common

Rebel Wilson and I have next to nothing in common. We have different life experiences, are from very different generations, were born in different countries, and while I believe that she is a talented performer, she doesn’t typically find herself in roles in films I happen to watch. I’ve seen only one, and it was because I was not the person who selected the film we were watching.

That said, when Rebel Wilson started speaking out about her experience, I admit it, I clicked.

The article I read was centered around her need to make certain things “official” because she didn’t want people to fall victim to any more false claims about how she achieved her goal. I admit it. I clicked.

As much as I typically avoid these types of stories, I did find weight loss motivation in her story. Why? Because she cleared everything up. There was no miracle pill. There was no extreme diet. She started walking. Not power walking for hours per day. She started walking in moderation and doing it very regularly.  That’s what she credits to her success. That’s it. She’s proud of having found balance in her life. I don’t think she should have had to make such a statement. It’s not the public’s business.  Still, I’m thrilled for her and inspired by her, this woman I have nothing much else in common with. I hope her balance continues, and it brings her happiness.

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