Month: May 2022

Women Don’t Get Enough Exercise After Middle Age

Only one in 20 women above middle age get enough exercise for their health, according to a study I just finished reading with my morning coffee. That has me feeling a bit deflated. We’ve got to do better for ourselves! It only gets harder from here (medically speaking), and we’re not doing ourselves any favors by skipping the basic lifestyle steps we need to care for ourselves and ensure our best quality of life as we age.

The Mouth Taping Trend Meant to Improve Sleep

As I was scrolling through the news headlines this morning, I came across one talking about the trend toward mouth taping, particularly among TikTok users. I most certainly fell for that clickbait, and I’m not quite certain that I’m glad I did. However, now that I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole, I’m fascinated by it and thought I’d take the chance to share