How Weight Loss Benefits Quality of Life in Seniors

The obesity epidemic we’re always talking about isn’t often focused on older folks, but weight loss benefits quality of life in seniors just as much as in younger people. When I decided to drop the pounds I’d gained during the pandemic last year, I took it very seriously. Of course, I joked around about wanting to fit into my clothing – and that was an important factor as I didn’t want to have to replace my wardrobe – but the other factors are critically important too.

Weight Loss Benefits Quality of Life in Seniors in a Meaningful Way

Weight Loss Benefits Quality of Life for SeniorsA few extra pounds aren’t going to hurt anything, but when seniors become quite overweight or obese, other important factors come into play.  In these areas, weight loss benefits quality of life in a noticeable way.  It can improve mental and physical comforts and reduce the risk of a long list of different medical conditions.

When you’re obese as a senior citizen, it’s easier to feel stiff and sore. Joints hurt because inflammation is up, and they need to carry a heavier load.

Think of a pound of butter. Now place that in an imaginary bag you’re carrying. For every pound that you’re overweight, add a pound of butter to that bag.  Five pounds isn’t too much, but what about ten or twenty?  It would certainly make it more difficult going up or down stairs or to walk any distance.  When we’re already facing soreness and stiffness, we don’t need the extra challenge!

Reducing Medical Condition Risks

The same can be said about other risk factors that have increased.  As seniors, we are already at an elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Guess what? Being overweight or obese substantially raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

This is another way weight loss benefits quality of life in seniors. It provides a way for us to reduce our risk of those conditions that is within our control! We might not be able to control our age, but we can work on our weight.

Every pound counts. Extreme dieting and fast weight loss are never a good idea, but particularly now that we’re at more risk of shocking organs and burning through muscle mass. Instead, slow and steady wins the race, and that’s a pace I find to be quite comfortable, thank you very much.

For every pound I lost last year as I returned to my goal weight, I imagined removing that pound of butter from the imaginary bags I was carrying. Even mentally, it lightened the load and helped to motivate me.  Without the added burden, it’s easier to move and bend, I’m not as sore, I can walk farther, and I’m not as nervous about what my doctor is going to say when I head in for a check-up.

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