How to Transition from a Winter to Spring Skin Care Routine

I’ve been transitioning into my spring skin care routine over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d take a moment to talk about it here in case anyone was interested in this subject as I am. The reason I transition from winter products to springtime ones isn’t as much about being gradual as it is about letting my old products run out before I replace them. I want to be kind to my complexion, but I don’t want to be wasteful. Products aren’t cheap!

Lightening Up in a Spring Skin Care Routine

Spring Skin Care Routine TipsThe main step that I take when I change from a winter to a spring skin care routine is to lighten up a little bit. This will lighten even more when summertime comes around.  Without the colder weather (and the heat from furnaces), my skin doesn’t get quite as dry, so I don’t need to be quite as heavy about the moisturizers I use.

I also make sure that I use more sunscreen. I always use it on my face, but this extends to the daytime moisturizer I use on the rest of my body as well.  I’m not only doing this to help protect myself from skin cancer (which is important to me, since so many of my friends have now had to have spots removed for just that reason), but also because sunlight causes spots and damages the skin to cause more fine lines, sagging and other premature signs of aging. I’m aging quite a bit on my own and am working hard to be just fine with it. I don’t need the sun’s help to speed up the aging process though.

Important Factors I Keep in Mind

As I switch over to my spring skin care routine, there are various points that I like to keep in mind. This allows me to keep things in perspective and avoid making things worse instead of better.

They include the following:

  1. It’s not a race – As I mentioned, I like to switch my skin care products from winter to spring as each of the former products run out. That way, it all takes place gradually and I’m not wasting anything. I can’t imagine that swapping out my entire routine for something new would be in any way helpful to keeping a calm complexion. At the same time, throwing out perfectly good winter products won’t do anything good for my wallet!
  2. Sun exposure is about more than SPF – As I also mentioned, I do use more sunscreen in the warmer months than I do in the winter, simply because more of my skin is exposed when I wear shorter sleeves. That said, sun exposure isn’t just about sunscreen. Many ingredients in spring products can make skin more sensitive to the sun. Retinol, glycolic acid and any kind of citrus acids or citrus essential oils are very common and make sun sensitivity higher. So, I try to use those only in weekly treatments (such as masks or exfoliation) and only at night.
  3. Buying fresh sunscreen – As much as I am always inclined to pick up last year’s bottle of sunscreen to continue using it, I don’t. Yes, I make an effort not to be wasteful, but within reason. Sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time. Once the bottle is opened, the ingredients start breaking down, even if the product expiry date hasn’t been reached yet. So, begrudgingly, I do purchase a fresh product for my spring skin care routine. This also encourages me to use it more, since I won’t want to have any of it left at the end of the season that will go to waste!

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