My Books to Read in 2022 List

I’ve been working on my books to read in 2022 list for this year. I absolutely love reading, so this seemed like a pleasant thing to do. I decided that this year I would look to categories outside my usual favorite genres, to open my eyes to new things.  It feels like a good year to focus on new beginnings.

My Books to Read in 2022 List

books to read in 2022 listUsually, I tend to focus on the types of novels that are often read in book clubs. I love the ones recommended by Oprah, for example. But this year, I’m going to try to stretch outside that category. I did that a couple of times last year and was quite shocked at what I came across. So, this year, I’m doing it with more vigor.

My books to read in 2022 list is as follows:

  • Love at First Plight – The start of the Perspective book series by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell. It’s a fantasy series in the multiple-perspectives style.
  • Apollo Murders – This is a stand-alone science fiction novel. I admit that I didn’t really add this to my books to read in 2022 list because of how the story looks as much as it’s written by the astronaut Chris Hadfield, who sang David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey” while he was living on the International Space Station.
  • The Fledgling – This is a middle grade or young adult book by Jane Langdon. It’s technically the fourth book in the Hall Family Chronicles, but I’ve been promised that it can stand on its own if I don’t want to read the first three. This is definitely outside my typical genre (and age group) but a friend’s granddaughter has been after me to read it, and it does suit this list very well.
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed – This is a book of essays by John Green with a rather boring title, though the cover is quite lively and pretty. I’ve been assured by several friends that it is a beautiful read, and since each chapter is a story of its own, it makes it easy to read at any pace. The book reviews from readers seem to love it, so I’ll be curious to see what I think.
  • The Guncle – This book by Steven Rowley is about a has-been actor guncle – gay uncle – who lives in Palm Springs. Sounds light, fun and I am exceptionally interested in finding out what this story brings
  • Project Hail Mary – This book is the latest by Andy Weir, the author who wrote The Martian. Peter will not stop pestering me to read this book, because he read it and loved it last year. I’ll be borrowing his copy and hoping it’s even half as good as he claims.

Other Novels I’ll Be Reading This Year

As a small note, I will also be reading “The Blood of Flowers” by Anita Amirrezvani this year. It didn’t make it to my above books to read in 2022 list because this is perfectly within my usual genre of books. It’s not a new book, but I only just spotted it for the first time a few days ago and have a hold on it at the library (with two people ahead of me).

I hope to remember to blog about these books as I read them, but I will certainly leave my thoughts at Goodreads. I joined Goodreads last year and didn’t really use it too much. I was hoping to join a book club in person, but a lot of them aren’t gathering right now or have essentially disbanded. Feel free to become my friend on Goodreads if you know how. Don’t take it personally if I don’t accept right away. I’m still learning the ropes. I’ll do it the moment I spot the request and figure out how to accept!

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