3 Holiday Skin Care Treats for Gorgeous Gifts (one for you and one for me…)

I love holiday skin care. I love it as a gorgeous gift to give people throughout the holidays or under the tree, as well as for myself.  I think of them as tasteful hostess gifts and stocking stuffers and a good way to remind myself of self-care during this busy and often stressful season.

My 3 Favorite Holiday Skin Care Discoveries This Year

This year, I’ve discovered three products that I’ve added to my own list for Santa Claus, but that I also think would make wonderful gifts for someone on your list.  To the someones on my own shopping lists, please act surprised!

My Top 3 Holiday Skin Care Choices for 2021

Some of my favorite holiday skin care products for 2021 are winter or Christmas themed.  Others aren’t but are luxurious enough to be something very special.

*Please note that this is not a sponsored blog, and I’m not an affiliate or otherwise associated with these companies.

1 – Noble Naturals Winter Wonderland Bath Bomb

Noble Naturals Holiday Skin CareI never would have thought that a bath bomb would be my top choice for holiday skin care, but this little Canadian company has changed my mind. The Noble Naturals Winter Wonderland bath bomb smells fresh and minty (from natural peppermint essential oil) but warms the wintry chill with a hint of vanilla (from natural vanilla essential oil) in the most glorious way!

But what makes this exceptional to me is the combination of the biodegradable (eco-friendly!) blue glitter decorating its top, and the big blue fluorite crystal gift revealed at its center once the fizz has fizzed away. The website says that it will “detox your skin, reduce inflammation, and clarify the skin” but what I like about it is the easing of exhausted muscles and feet after a long day of shopping or long evening of gatherings and parties. Top it off with the same brand’s Candy Cane natural hand lotion (once you’re out of the tub, of course), and you’ll feel refreshed to head out, or eased and restful at the end of the day.

It’s the perfect holiday skin care gift for young women and teens, but since I’m quite enchanted by it myself, there certainly isn’t an age limit on this one!

2 – OSEA White Algae Mask

OSEA White Algae MaskThe OSEA White Algae Mask was a hard sell for me. Still, the fact that it’s second on my list of three holiday skin care gifts for 2021 says a lot about what it has to offer with such an off-putting name. Its natural ingredients are lovely, ranging from nourishing and plumping ingredients on top of brightening ones, which I typically don’t aim for, but that I appreciate in this product.

Its ingredients such as aloe, rice bran, jojoba, and calendula, among others are soothing and healing, but it also contains various kinds of tea, raspberry and a spectrum of other ingredients to be particularly appealing to those of us with aging skin. Though this mask can be used for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water, I didn’t like that method nearly as much as wearing it overnight. Use an old pillowcase or lay a microfiber towel over your pillow before bed for this one, but put this mask on, wait at least ten minutes to let it set just a bit, then go to bed. The next morning my skin feels smooth and balanced. I rinse off the mask, apply my daily moisturizer and am ready to go. This is a lovely gift for a friend of a certain age…or just for yourself as a part of your holiday skin care survival pack.

3 – Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Solid Body Butter

Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Solid Body ButterThis was my first introduction to this brand, though apparently they’re quite popular in some circles for their products that don’t send anything to landfills.  I was immensely impressed with the Ethique Solid Body Butter and it was the sweet orange & vanilla scent I felt was most festive for this time of the year. This is one of those products where a little goes a long way both in its application and as a gift.  If anyone on your list has elbows, knees or heels – and I’m assuming that’s everyone on your list – then it’s the perfect holiday skin care gift for them.

What stood out to me about this holiday skin care product wasn’t actually one of its selling points. This moisturizer is a solid. That means you can take it in your carry-on luggage without using up any of your precious allowable liquid ounces! If you know any holiday season travelers – or those that head away in the wintery off-season months at the start of the year – this is a delightful travel gift, too. I’ve been warned that it can soften in summery temperatures though, so pop it into the fridge if you want orange and vanilla scented moisturizing in warmer weather.

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