Month: December 2021

Taking Too Many Supplements Can Cause Very Unpleasant Side Effects

As much as supporting our own nutrition is extremely important, taking too many supplements can do far more harm than good. Importantly, that mistake is easier to make than many of us realize.  We – particularly as seniors – want to make sure we’re not missing out on what our bodies need to be at our healthiest. We know what it is to experience aches, pains and other health problems, so if some can be avoided with nutrition, we want to do our best in that area.

How to Make a Treadmill Less Boring for Seniors

I want to talk about how to make a treadmill less boring when you’re a senior.  I have seen all sorts of articles about how to make this piece of gym equipment more fun, but they all have to do with boosting your challenge, running instead of walking, using high knees, and all sorts of other additions that I just don’t think is necessarily appropriate for most of the people in my age demographic. So, here’s what I do to make it a workout session and not an exercise in monotony survival.

How to Get Enough Sleep During the Holidays

The challenge of how to get enough sleep during the holidays returns for me every year.  Every year I get a little better at it, but I never quite master it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what improvements I make this year.  I’ve learned a lot about sleep throughout 2021, so I’m expecting to see real progress, even though I know my rest will still suffer to a certain extent.  It’s just what the season is all about, I suppose.