Adding Fiber for Healthy Aging Has Made My Meals More Delicious!

Talking about fiber for healthy aging is hardly unique.  I even debated blogging about it. It feels almost cliché. To me, it brings to mind this image of a grumpy, wrinkled man talking about how he doesn’t like “roughage” because it’s just “rabbit food”.  I’m immediately turned into an eye-rolling teenager.  Hmm…come to think of it, is that how its anti aging benefits work…?

Why I Decided to Talk About Fiber for Healthy Aging After All

Importance of Fiber for Healthy Aging Still, even after all my eye rolling and possibly going to my room and playing my music too loudly, I still decided to make fiber for healthy aging my topic for this week.  The reason is that as much as it is talked about it a lot, I’ve noticed that a lot of the people in my social circle really aren’t focused on getting enough of it.

In fact, it’s far more likely that they will regularly eat food low in fiber with the intention of using a supplement mix like Metamucil if they get “stopped up” …which they regularly do. Aren’t we supposed to be the grown-ups (my earlier teen-style eye-rolling and tantrum aside)? When does our sage wisdom kick in from having lived long enough to become seniors?

I certainly don’t feel that for myself. I hardly feel equipped to advise people in their lives. Even now, I have that funny feeling that I need someone around that is better at being an adult than I am on occasion.  At other times, I couldn’t feel more like an old fart.  But speaking of that particular bowel activity, where I have accepted my adulthood is in making sure I’m eating enough fiber for healthy aging.

Why is it Important?

Fiber for healthy aging isn’t just important for preventing being “stopped up” as my friends love to call it. That’s definitely an advantage.  Who wants to feel constipated? If you put your hand up, put it back down again, because you definitely don’t.

A healthy diet is very important, and I am certainly not one to skip on the occasional indulgence, but part of making sure I’ll feel energetic and comfortable has to do with making sure I’m also regular.  I have enough aches, pains, and body complaints that I definitely don’t need to add to the list by being regularly bloated, gassy and unable to poop.

Since I’ve started focusing more on nutrition in recent years, I’ve found that getting enough fiber for healthy aging isn’t actually hard. Tons of my favorite foods have lots of fiber in them. The key is just to eat them.  When I have a bit of yogurt, I throw some blueberries on top. That doesn’t require any extra effort.  Adding some almond slivers or pumpkin seeds is just as easy.  I’ve come to love mashed cauliflower, oven roasted broccoli, and asparagus roasted in olive oil with garlic. At this time of year, the different kinds of squash make it more likely that I’ll have too much fiber instead of too little!

It’s not just about eating beans and lettuce, no matter what that grumpy old man in my mind would tell you. Those are great for fiber for healthy aging, but they’re far from your only option. Don’t forget to stay well hydrated while you’re at it.  The last thing you want is for all that bulk you’re eating and that is supposed to move on through your system to be dried up.  That’s an unpleasant exit if anything is.

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