Switching My Focus to an Immune Health Lifestyle

I’ve decided to start focusing on immune health as my newest goals for my nutrition and exercise.  I’ve come to this decision after thinking back on how well I did with my weight loss dieting and how I achieved my goal recently.  It wasn’t easy necessarily, but it became easier with time. Now, while I continue to pay attention to what I’m eating and how active I am, I’ve decided that my immune system is a worthy goal.

The Importance of Immune Health is No Secret

Immune Health LifestyleIf there had ever been any doubt about the importance of immune health, the last year and a half have certainly eliminated it.  I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as the wellness of both my immune system and of my eyes for a while now, well before the start of the pandemic. I’ve been taking eye health supplements for a while now. Therefore, I decided it was time to add immune health supplements to the mix as well.

Since I did so well with the product I used to reach my weight loss goal, I decided to use the supplement made by the same company but for immune health this time.  I’m still planning to keep up my nutrition and exercise, of course, but I feel that this will help to fill in any gaps I might leave behind.

My Wellness Lifestyle Habits

As a senior, I think it’s important to take steps such as getting my flu shot, I definitely got my COVID-19 shots, and to make sure the rest of my vaccinations are up to date. Beyond that, it’s up to me to be sure my immune health is at its best to keep infections and disease as far away from me as possible, or at least to give my body what it needs to heal up if they do happen.

Here are my wellness lifestyle habits to keep up my best immune health:

  1. Taking IMMUNZ – This is the supplement I mentioned earlier. I’ve ordered 3 bottles of IMMUNZ (for free shipping) and am looking forward to their arrival. The research they have behind their ingredients is very impressive. It’s all on the website to see.
  2. Eating a healthy diet – I do love lasagna and other foods made with white flour and cheese. However, the majority of the time, I try to focus on eating nutritious foods in the best quality I can afford. I’ve been keeping a container garden for my own herbs and vegetables as well. There’s nothing more nutritious than eating something a few seconds after it was picked!
  3. Keeping activeRegular exercise is a very important part of my life. I’ve come to realize that it’s not just about keeping my weight where it should be. It’s better for my immune health, my heart, and even my mental health and happiness.
  4. Getting sleep – Gone are the days when I was proud of how much I could get done without any sleep. Now, I know that being able to sleep better, not worse, is what counts for quality of life.
  5. Weight control – I’m proud that my pandemic pounds are gone. I did it so I wouldn’t have to buy new clothes for the summer. However, as it turns out, a healthy body weight is also a greats step for immune health. All the more motivation to maintain it!

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