My Exercises for Immunity and Better Overall Health

I’ve added a number of exercises for immunity to the lifestyle I’ve been building for a healthier and stronger immune system.  The more I read about the steps that are important to take to strengthen the body in this way, the more I’m finding that there are some exercises that are important to do. Fortunately, they’re also great for overall health, so they’re not difficult to incorporate into a general weekly workout schedule.

Why At-Home Exercises for Immunity?

Exercises for Immunity SupportI’ve already been taking my physical activity levels very seriously. I feel that they help with flexibility and comfort, longevity, overall wellness, and even make me a better person, as I’ve written in the past.

Still, I’m hardly a muscle builder with a gym membership I use three times per day.  Instead, I’ve focused my exercises for immunity on things I can do from home – or near home at the very least. The point is to keep moving and to avoid the inclination to become sedentary.

At the same time that I’m working on exercises for immunity, I’m also doing the to get my heart pumping. I want to reduce my risk of stroke, heart attack, depression and even dementia. All the medical guidance I’ve read says that seniors benefit from getting at least 150 minutes of activity that feels moderate-to-vigorous, depending on our fitness level. So, I could do as little as 20 minutes per day, every day, if I wanted. More often, I try to get about a half hour on most days, with a few days off without being hard on myself about it.

What Do I Do?

Usually, I try to get out and walk around the neighborhood every day. That’s my best of all my exercises for immunity, in my opinion.  Still, sometimes it’s very hot, very rainy, or I just don’t feel like it. In those cases, my workouts are usually split up throughout the day.

On at-home days, my exercises for immunity can include:

  • Walking around the house at a good pace for 5-10 minutes at a time
  • Marching around the house with high knees. It’s a slower pace but harder stride
  • Wall sits to strengthen my body (it’s harder than you think!)
  • Hand weights
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Gardening (I have a container garden)
  • Vacuuming

In this way, I stay active for my immune system, give myself more energy and feel better overall. My exercises for immunity combine very well with the things I’m doing to get a better sleep for my immune system and general health, too. I find it very interesting how well these pieces are all fitting together and encourage you to give it a try, too!


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