Regular Exercise Has Made Me a Better Person

Regular exercise is something I’ve valued for a long time. It has been in and out of practice throughout my life, though I’ve made a much higher priority of it in recent years. Peter has joined me along the way, often with far less grumbling than I’d braced myself for. Interestingly, I’ve found that the habit has done a lot more for me than just help me to stay fit enough physically. In my opinion, it has made me a better person overall.

How Has Regular Exercise Made Me a Better Person?

Regular Exercise Made Me BetterI’m not goofy enough to think that just going for a daily walk has changed my entire personality. It’s not going to rework my character just by moving around. Still, sticking to the habits and doing the workouts that I do has given me the opportunity for personal growth that I certainly believe has had a wonderful impact on who I am and the choices I make.

Parts of My Personality Improved by Regular Exercise

I have a laundry list of various parts of me that I feel I have become a better person through regular exercise.  Here are some of the top ones that have meant the most to me.


There is something about regular exercise that seems to be a natural confidence booster. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I feel good about doing something healthy for myself, that I know I’m getting stronger, that I am setting goals and meeting them, or if it’s something chemical in the brain. Whatever it is, at times when I’ve been doing several days of consecutive workouts (brisk walks, swimming, yoga, Pilates, tai chi), I feel better about myself, and I stand taller.


Many of my exercises involve contact with people. Whether it’s taking my yoga class, which automatically involves a group, or going swimming or taking a walk, which I do alone, but that will naturally cause me to cross paths with others. I’m far from the only person who uses the pool in my complex, and I pass lots of people when I walk.

Member of the Community

I’ve lived in my current home for years, but it wasn’t until I started my regular exercise outside in the neighborhood that I started feeling like a real member of the community. I keep to a pretty regular schedule, which means that other people who are doing similar things at the same time – walkers, gardeners, and so on – tend to see me often.

It has come to the point that we see each other enough that even though I don’t know most of their names, I recognize them, and they recognize me. We exchange thoughts about the weather, things happening in the neighborhood, and other ultra-local and not-too-personal bits of news. I’ve thrived on it, and it has made me feel like I’m more a part of the community. That’s an important feeling for me.

Kindness and Generosity

From that feeling of being a member of the community has sprung more kindness and generosity. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. Just talking about the difference regular exercise has made to my character. Since I know several people around me and think about my neighbors more often, it’s meant that I am also more protective of them. I’m more likely to contribute to local causes and feel filled with joy when I hear that something has gone well for someone, even if I don’t know them.  It’s something I’m liking in myself and that I’m nurturing to continue to grow.

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