2021 Decluttering Tips After a Life-Changing Year

About a year ago, I was looking into decluttering tips because I had promised myself that 2020 would be the year that I really clear out everything I just don’t need anymore. Then…it happened. Yes, the “it” we’ve all been talking about for a year and a half and that changed all our lives.  At the same time, it changed the way I was living in my home, and it shut down the places that were accepting donations of gently used items.

Decluttering Tips for 2021

2021 Decluttering TipsNow, here I am a year later and ready for decluttering tips again.  The world is opening up – at least my little part of it is – and I’ve been taking a good look at all my belongings and feel far less confident than I did when I had initially planned this undertaking. I feel like I don’t understand my possessions anymore!  After doing a bit of reading (thank you for such a great site, Oprah!), I’m getting my head screwed on straight again and have started my efforts from scratch.

One of the most important decluttering tips I’ve discovered is that some of the old rules of thumb I depended on just don’t apply in 2021.  After all, when it came to things like clothing, I used to always say that if I hadn’t worn it in a year, then I was done with it…but wouldn’t that mean that I would throw out pretty much everything except my fitness clothing? Has anyone worn anything but yoga pants in the last year?

Instead, I’ve had to adopt a new mindset and new decluttering tips for 2021. The main two things that I’ve had to keep in mind are:

  • Not to let my frustrations with the last year dictate what I “never want to see again”
  • Not to let the “haven’t used it in a year” rule guide my choices

A Fresh Start

I find myself feeling very domestic these days. I’ve taken great care of myself and achieved my weight loss goal and am now in a steady maintenance effort. I’m ready for a fresh start and am looking at my home the same way.

Still, I’m reminding myself that just because I haven’t used something in months, it doesn’t mean that I’ll never use it again when even more of my routines return to normal.  For instance, just because I have been focusing on using luxury skincare and very little in terms of cosmetics, it doesn’t mean that I am ready to get rid of all the beautiful makeup brushes I haven’t used in ages. I may not have used a pair of dressy shoes in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with them.

Equally, I’m done with the library of novels I read, and with several cookbooks I purchased and barely used during the lockdowns. I’ve ordered new bedding and throw pillows and have reached the point that I never want to see the old ones again after having stared at them for so many hours (days…weeks…months…).  The thrill is really gone from some of the craft projects that were fun to do, but that I just don’t need anymore. I’ve looked into local donation centers and many in my area are open again, so I’m packing up what’s still good and will send their way very soon. The rest is divided into recyclables and, unfortunately, trash.

I look forward to doing it all again next year, when we’ll all hopefully have a much clearer idea of what “normal” has in store for us.

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