My Favorite Spring Hobbies for Seniors This Year

This year – for very obvious reasons – has been a unique one, and I’ve found myself on the lookout for spring hobbies for seniors that will keep me active and getting out of the house while still remaining safe. I absolutely love the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy beautiful weather before it starts getting too hot.

Spring Hobbies for Seniors in a Condo

My Favorite Spring Hobbies for SeniorsWhat makes me laugh is that most of the limitations to my activities when choosing my spring hobbies for seniors this year don’t have much to do with being aged 55+. Instead, it’s the fact that I don’t live in a house anymore. I used to go out and rake up the lawn, mow the grass, turn the soil in my flower beds and do the other chores that get the yards ready for being their best.  This year, I have a balcony. Not a lot of soil turning or mowing there!

Still, I’ve kept my eyes open for spring hobbies for seniors that don’t yet involve gathering in crowds but that also help me to enjoy the activities I did when I was in a house, not a condo.  For instance, I do love that I don’t have to mow the lawn for three seasons of the year, but I do miss planting flowers and vegetables. I made a list of the things I wanted to do, and then thought them out so that I would have a version of those activities to enjoy this season.

My Favorite Spring Hobbies for Seniors This Year

Here are the activities I came up with as spring hobbies for seniors that I thought I would share so that you can enjoy them, too.


I know I just said that I have a balcony and not a yard, but I’ve been learning a lot about container gardening and how to do it. I’ve always had a couple of pots of flowers on my balcony in the nice weather, but this year, I’m going all out for the back yard feeling. I purchased planters, soil, seeds and seedlings.

At the corners of my balcony, I have planted seedlings for bright, beautiful flowers. Between those pots, I have planters for growing vegetables and tomatoes! They’re all lined up in two neat rows with enough room for me to maneuver between them with my watering can. They get lots of sun because of the direction of my balcony and I water them once per day now but will increase to twice per day as the weather gets hotter. I’ll weed them and clip dead leaves or spent flowers as needed. My hope is to have nice little crops to bring in starting in a month or so.


I’ve never been too interested in photography, but with a camera on my phone, I do have one everywhere I go. My yoga instructor sometimes leads meditations and encourages us to be more mindful.  I’ve found that going for a stroll or sitting on my balcony or in a park and watching for pictures has made me quite mindful. I’m extremely aware of my present moment and current surroundings.

While watching for interesting pictures to take, I’ve started seeing many things I would have missed on a usual day. I see interesting flowers, animals, birds, leaf shapes, or even a discarded bottle with a pretty color that leaves a vibrant blue shadow from the sun shining on it. My photographs are sometimes good, sometimes not. The important part is that I’m doing it and enjoying the process.


I’ve never thought of myself as someone who likes to eat outdoors, but I’ve added it as one of my spring hobbies for seniors this year. Since it has to do with food, it wasn’t hard to get Peter interested.  On days that are dry enough, we’ll spread a blanket and have lunch on it at the park. On damp days, we’ll wipe down the patio furniture on the balcony and eat out there instead.

It gets us outside and thinking up good meals for taking outside and that won’t draw too many insects! When Peter is busy at lunchtime, I treat myself to an afternoon coffee (decaf) out there instead. I focus on just breathing the air, enjoying the light, and leaving my gaze open to whatever is happening around me at the time.

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