Goal Reached: How I Will Keep the Weight Off

I’m writing this post earlier in the week than I usually would, but I have reached my goal and am shifting focus to keep the weight off from now on. I felt like that was an important moment and wanted to write it while it was all still fresh in my head. We’ll see if I get it re-read in time to post this earlier than usual or if it will be up when I usually do.  Either way, I’m excited to share my news.

I’ve Reached My Weight Loss Goal

How I'll Keep the Weight OffAs of this morning, I reached my weight loss goal. I’ve been sharing my efforts along the way, so I welcome you to check back at my posts over the last two or three months to see how I made it this far.  I’ve tried on my summer clothes from last year and am very pleased with how they look. In fact, because I’ve been more active than I was at this time last year, maybe they look a little better than they did last year (or maybe it’s just pride talking!).

I feel it’s important to share that just because I reached my goal, it doesn’t mean I’m done.  Now, it’s time to keep the weight off.  I’m not going to push myself quite as much anymore because I don’t need to keep losing more weight, but there’s no way that I want to see those old pandemic pounds making their way back on again after I worked hard to send them packing.

How I’m Going to Keep the Weight Off

Here are the steps I plan to take to keep the weight off as I keep going forward.  Nothing complicated here. Just a modified version of what I’ve been doing, with a few tips and tricks on top.

  • Never skip meals – Even if I can take only a short break for a quick meal, I’ll take it. One of the most useful things I ever did was get my eating on a schedule. It took a while, but not as long as I’d expected. Now, I get hungry on a clock, and I make sure I respond to that. In between, I’m nearly never hungry anymore. If I am, I have a tiny something and distract myself and I’m fine.
  • Order size small – Unless I’m eating at a place where the portion size really is tiny, a small is usually enough. This is especially true if I don’t try to win any eating races. If I calmly eat my food, a small sized meal is just enough. Just enough is exactly what I want. Anything above just enough is more than what I need and risks causing me to overeat.
  • Water, water, water – I drink water before my coffee in the morning, before breakfast, before lunch and dinner. I also sip away at it all day long. This is truer in the warmer weather than in the winter, but it’s still true throughout the year. It is surprisingly filling and great for energy (I discussed other caffeine-free energy boosting foods I like in a blog post a couple of months ago). Perfect for keeping up a healthy lifestyle that will keep the weight off.
  • Pre-portioning snacks and desserts – I love to eat brownies from the pan and chips from the bag, but I won’t do it anymore. It’s not much of a sacrifice considering how much control it gives me over portion. I still get to eat the brownies and chips, but without overdoing it…which I will always do if I eat from the pan or bag. It’s one of the easiest ways I’ll use to keep the weight off.

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