Progress Update: My Pandemic Pounds Are Half Gone

I’ve been making a lot of progress with my pandemic pounds and have already reached halfway.  In fact, I’ve now technically reached past halfway because as of this morning, I have lost 5.5 pounds.  I’m well on the way toward the goal that I set for myself and that I discussed with my doctor.

Losing the Pandemic Pounds So They Won’t Come Back

I didn’t get quite the “quarantine 15” everyone calls the pandemic pounds they’ve gained over the last year. That said, for me, my added 10 pounds represented a full dress size.  With a summer wardrobe change coming up, I decided it was time for healthy weight loss that wouldn’t be too extreme but that would also set me up to keep the weight off once I lost it.

Spring turned out to be the perfect time to get started, and I’ve been using FENFAST to help me along, after I discussed diet pills with my doctor, too.

How I’m Losing the Pandemic Pounds in a Healthy, Gradual Way

Losing Pandemic Pounds I’ve decided to keep a body positive attitude about my pandemic pounds.  I’m not doing anything extreme, but I am taking steps to adopt habits I’ll keep over time, not just to reach my goal.  Still, springtime gave me a hand, because spring cleaning sure does keep me active!

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing to stay successful with losing my pandemic pounds.

1 – Spring Cleaning

I’ve already mentioned it, so I may as well talk about that first.  With everything from scrubbing countertops, replacing shelf liner, washing walls, washing windows, washing floors, vacuuming, and everything else that goes into spring cleaning, I was able to skip my formal workouts several days because my Fitbit told me I definitely got all my target steps, and my activities were intense enough to count as exercise.

This also had the added bonus of cleaning out the pantry so I could donate any of the foods I don’t want to be eating regularly anymore.  I know that Peter stole a couple of the bags of chips out of the bag to donate and has squirreled them away in his own hiding place, but I won’t give him a hard time about that unless he eats them in front of me!

2 – Physical Activity

On the rest of the days, I try to keep up regular exercise.  Last week in my blog, I talked about home exercises for seniors that I like, so I welcome you to read that if you’re interested.  Those are some of the things I do when I’m inside the house, but I also go for walks – brisk ones for about a half hour – and enjoy gentle yoga or even piloga.

3 – Eating Well

I’ve always been one for eating well. I’m fortunate enough to love to cook and prepare things from scratch. Chopping vegetables is like a form of meditation for me. I did lose my passion for it a little bit over the last year. I told myself that I was supporting local businesses by ordering more meals from restaurants.

Still, I now need to remind myself that while I can support local restaurants by ordering or heading over on a weekly basis, having more than half my dinners delivered was certainly excessive. I’ve been preparing meals again and enjoying the variety tremendously.

4 – A Diet Supplement

As I already mentioned, I’ve been taking a diet pill to help support my return to healthy habits.  At first, I was nervous about possible FENFAST 375 side effects, but I followed my doctor’s advice and took a half dose at first for a few days before taking the full amount according to the package directions.  I didn’t experience anything unpleasant at all. I’m not sure if that means I’m lucky or that this is just a lovely supplement, but I’m pleased either way.

I’m going to continue to take FENFAST until I reach my goal weight and then see how I do unassisted. I feel like I’ve been securing some good habits that I shouldn’t struggle to keep up on my own once they’re fully settled in.  Still, I’ve been impressed enough with the weight loss product quality and customer service from the company that made this pill, called Intechra Health, that I will turn to their wellness supplements when I need them, too.

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