5 Bath Products I Use for Self-Care at Home, No Spa Required

Part of proper self-care at home means that you take some time for yourself.  Nutrition, exercise and sleep are all an important part of that.  At the same time, doing soothing things like reading a great book or enjoying spa treatments also have a ton of benefit. Since I haven’t been going out to spas much for a while, I’ve come up with a routine that I love at home. I look forward to going to spas again, but I think I’ll hang on to this routine even when that time happens.

How to Make a Bath for the Perfect Self-Care at Home

When it comes to my self-care at home, I do take the time to focus on what I eat and to stay active. I do my best to get the sleep I need at night.  Still, Saturday evenings are just for me. Peter has his movie night with his stinky snacks, and I have a bath with a book and a glass of something lovely like a glass of wine.

My bath isn’t just water in a tub. It’s not just a bubble bath. It’s a careful self-care home ritual. It’s special to me and lets me make a priority of myself that shakes off the stress I’ve built up over the week.

My 5 Best Products for Self-Care at Home

To create my bath experience for self-care at home, I use the following products. Each one plays an important role in helping me to make myself feel cared for and well.

1.    CSM Dry/Wet Body Brush

I start my bath with dry brushing. I like the CSM Dry/Wet Body Brush. It has the perfect hold and the bristles are the right stiffness. I can’t handle a lot of stiffness when dry brushing because my skin is sensitive. I start at my feet and use little sweeping motions to brush my entire body in the direction of my heart.

It feels great, exfoliates, unclogs pores, encourages circulation, promotes lymph flow and drainage, and stimulates the nervous system, which is why I feel refreshed, energized and tingly by the time I’m done.

2.    Noble Naturals Bath Salts or Bath Bomb

While I’m dry brushing, I’m filling my bath at the same time. I fill with warm but not hot water, so I don’t strip the natural oils from my skin.  I also add either the Noble Naturals Shine Bath Salts with Sunstone Crystal or the Goddess Bath Bomb with Gemstone Center from the same brand.  I choose the product based on my mood. I love that they make my bath water a gift for my skin as I soak, they smell beautiful, and they contain crystals for the positive energies I want or need during my self-care at home.

3.    Buck Naked Avocado Soap for Self-Care at Home

The Buck Naked Avocado Soap is a gorgeous cleansing bar made the old-fashioned way. It has a relaxing scent that combines nicely with the bath bomb and salts. It feels luxurious and is filled with antioxidants and other nutrients that are great for my skin. Even while I cleanse, it helps to repair my skin along with the enriched bath water. My skin never feels itchy after I wash using this soap.  It lathers nicely, and I massage it extremely gently before rinsing thoroughly.

4.    Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish

Once my skin is clean and has soaked for a while in the bath water, I like to use the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish to give my skin another gentle exfoliation. This is a light process that I practice somewhat like a skin massage. It keeps me from getting ingrown hairs while keeping my skin extremely soft.

5.    Love North Dream Aromatherapy Spray

After I pat dry and apply moisturizer (which changes all the time, and I haven’t settled on one yet, so I’m not going to recommend it here in my self-care at home blog post.  However, once I’m calm from the bath and ready to go to bed, I use the Love North Dream Aromatherapy Spray on my sheets. It helps to carry the aromatherapy over to my bedroom and the dream world. I inhale it as I do some breathing exercises and bedtime meditation.

If I struggle to get to sleep, I sometimes choose Ziesta as a sleep aid. Other than that, I’m usually ready for a wonderful, soothing sleep on Saturday nights.

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