Keto Dieting Don’ts, Plus What I Think About This Plan

I’ve spent a lot of today going down a keto dieting don’ts and dos rabbit hole as I try to decide whether or not I think this is the right strategy for me. There’s a lot of information out there. Some of it is excellent. A lot of it is so inaccurate it makes my blood boil.  Fortunately, I’m retired and meditate a lot, so my recovery time is a lot faster than it used to be.

Keto Dieting Don’ts and Dos

Moving on to the diet itself.  The reason I’m so fascinated with ketogenic diets is because they really do seem to be helping people to lose weight.  Even better, they’re doing it pretty quickly. The issue that had me unsure about whether it’s for me has to do with the keto dieting don’ts more than the dos.

For instance, the things you’re supposed to eat include fatty animal proteins such as bacon, meat, eggs, skin-on poultry, and fish. It also includes natural fats and oils like olive oil, cacao butter latte, canola and palm oils.  Veggies that top the list are definitely green, with kale, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers and broccoli leading the way.  This all sounds great, except when you think about what this cuts out.

By examining the keto dieting don’ts, not just the do’s, it becomes a lot clearer as to why I’ve found it challenging to decide whether it would be a good strategy for me.

Do’s That Appeal to Me

There are some do’s that definitely appeal to me.  They include:

  • Choose grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and keep the skin on your poultry and fatty fish. I love that this encourages quality meat (yes, it does make a difference.  A large one), healthy fats and flavor in meals.
  • Drizzle on the healthy oils. Olive and flaxseed oils are fantastic, and a little drizzle can make it easier for the body to absorb many nutrients. I’m not as wild about coconut oil, which this diet loves, but that’s another story.

Keto Dieting Don’ts I’m Not Sold On

These keto dieting don’ts stand out to me as short-sighted, something I’d never be able to keep up over the long term, and not as great for my overall nutrition.

  • Avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates. If that was just about refined sugars and flour, I’d think that was fantastic advice, but it’s not.  I happen to think that getting some whole grains into a diet is exceptionally good for overall health. I’m not sure I’d feel I was getting complete nutrition without them.
  • Avoid starchy vegetables like turnips and potatoes. I love these foods and they may be starchy, but they are also nutrient-packed.  Should I eat French fries less often? Yes! Should I eat a small baked potato? I feel that I should.

The Diet, Keto Diet Support Supplements and Senior Health

After looking into this diet, I feel that I may have been interested in it (provided I used the right keto diet support supplements to help me reach and keep up ketogenesis) in younger years.  I can see how it would have appealed.  However, as far as I understand it, this is not a strategy that is best suited to seniors or our health. The protein deprivation of this diet could make it even harder for our bodies to maintain muscle mass. Loss of muscle is bad enough at our age. We don’t need added help.  As a result, this important factor among the keto diet don’ts means it’s not right for me.  Maybe for a younger me, it might have been.

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