Is a 6 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan Worth the Time and Effort?

Everything feels disoriented right now, making a 6 week weight loss meal plan very appealing.  There’s very little closed where I live, but when I examine the numbers, I can see that I’m definitely at a higher risk of complications if I were to catch this thing. It’s made me careful, which means that I can’t head out to restaurants as often as I’d like. The take-out in my area is focused mainly on fast food, which hasn’t done much for my waistline.

Is a 6 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan a Better Idea?

Since I’ve been getting tired of cooking for myself for every single meal, I’ve been looking into a 6 week weight loss meal plan that delivers the food to me.  It’s very tempting, especially since my own cooking combined with fast food has been working against me.  Still, the more I look into these diet programs, the more I find it difficult to decide what to do.

I do like the thought of a program that comes with pre-made foods. All I need to do is heat them up.  That removes any need for food prep, measuring and everything else. I don’t have to wait for the delivery guy to bring the food to my door. It also means that everything comes once per week, meaning fewer people have to handle each meal than having food delivered every few days.

The Downside

The reason I’m not jumping onto this type of program right away is that there are some drawbacks I’m not comfortable with.  A 6 week weight loss meal plan isn’t very long, but it is a surprisingly expensive investment if I am planning to have three meals per day plus a shake and a snack.

Also, I was surprised to discover how few options are available in a  week weight loss meal plan.  The lists of foods only look long until I see how that lays itself as a menu from one week to the next.  The meals start to repeat more frequently than I’m comfortable with because I like a lot of variety.

I’ve also looked into the weight of some of those meals, and it is more than likely that they won’t be large enough to satisfy me. I have a large appetite and many of these meals appear to be focused more on proving that you can have food like burgers and pasta than they are on giving a portion big enough to be filling.

Finally, these dishes include a lot of processed foods, which makes me want to take a step back from a 6 week weight loss meal plan.

Still, it is very tempting, possibly just to have some – not all – dishes prepared without needing to make them myself.

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