Which is Better, a Weight Loss Yoga DVD or YouTube Channel?

When you’re doing your workout at home, a weight loss yoga DVD or fantastic YouTube channel can give you the directions and motivation to keep yourself active while supporting your stress control and even promoting better sleep.  Keeping up your practice on a regular basis can make all the difference in some of the most important components of your healthy lifestyle and weight management strategy.

Which Weight Loss Yoga DVD Should You Choose?

Since streaming has taken over the video market, the weight loss yoga DVD selection has started to shrink.  That said, the right option for you is out there.  It all depends on your level of practice and what experience you prefer from your sessions.  If you’re a beginner, many people love the videos made by Gaiam, particularly those featuring Rodney Yee.  That said, if you’re more experienced, then have a good look at what’s out there for vinyasa, flow, power and other types to challenge yourself.

Which YouTube Channel Should You Try?

If streaming is more appealing to you than a weight loss yoga DVD, consider heading to YouTube to check out any of the thousands of free videos available to you. Blocker Yoga is an immensely popular channel, while instructor Sarah Melody from the Anahata Yoga from the Heart channel is an up-and-comer that has been taking off in popularity since the start of the pandemic when she brought her practice home from her studio to keep in touch with her community.

Which is Better for Your Practice?

Both weight loss Yoga DVDs and streaming through YouTube have their advantages and their drawbacks.  In terms of affordability, selection and device flexibility, discs simply cannot compete with streaming.  However, if you want to purchase a workout or set of workouts in a routine that you enjoy repeating on a regular basis, then pop in a disc and get started in your living room.

You may quickly discover that it isn’t as much a matter of choosing one over the other as it is learning how to use both options in a way that suits you best.  Many people like to get started with a weight loss yoga DVD to allow themselves to become more familiar with the basics, before moving on to different routines.  It’s also great to be able to bring workouts with you that you can stream on your phone when you travel, or even to take out onto your patio or balcony. In those cases, streaming is far more beneficial than a disc that requires a machine to play.

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