For Healthy Weight Loss Quit Drinking (Or at Least Cut Back)

If you’re looking for a quick and direct way to have a huge impact on your weight loss, quit drinking. At the very least, substantially reduce the amount of alcohol you’re taking in during the average day or week.

It’s Not Just a Matter of Food

Changing your diet for the purpose of weight loss includes steps like to quit drinking alcohol and stop consuming sugary beverages all the time such as specialty coffees or energy drinks. Remember that the liquids in your glass contain calories just like food does. The difference is that many of those beverages contain lots of calories with little to no nutritional benefit.

Moreover, many studies have shown that liquids aren’t nearly as satisfying as solid foods. This means that despite the fact that you’re consuming calories – and likely far more than you think – you’re not helping yourself to keep hunger under control.

Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol for Weight Loss

You can lose weight if you quit drinking alcohol simply out of the number of calories you save. You may be shocked to find out how many calories alcohol contains. A single shot of most alcohols contains about 100 calories. That’s one fluid ounce and you’ve already had 100 calories. If that’s contained in something else, you need to take the mixer into account, too.

Moreover, that 100 calories will not only have no impact on satisfying your hunger, but it will come with a pretty powerful carbohydrate hit through the sugars it contains. Equally, it doesn’t have any nutrients in it to help you out. Therefore, if you drink alcohol on a regular basis and are wondering what you can do to make your dieting efforts more effective, reducing your intake or eliminating it can make all the difference.

Quitting Alcohol Can Help Keep Cravings Under Control

As if the automatic calorie reduction wasn’t enough, quitting alcohol can boost weight loss by helping your body to feel fewer food cravings. When you drink calories in the form of alcohol or sugar, your body is being set up to sugar cravings or unnecessary hunger for other foods. This increases your risk of overeating, which can make it far more challenging to stick to a healthy eating strategy for body mass management.

Instead, take care of your body and your metabolism. Consider quitting drinking in the name of weight loss. Save it for special occasions or as a rare treat, just as you would with sugary deserts or salty, fatty snacks.

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