Skin Care Secrets to Look Great After Your Flight

Over the years, I’ve been collecting skin care secrets to help my face survive the flights I’ve taken for various vacations.  Flying is simply terrible for skin.

The low-humidity, recycled cabin air strips your skin of moisture.  At the same time, travelers are usually pretty dehydrated because who wants to have to use the plane lavatory repeatedly or get stuck in a long security line with crossed legs? This, on top of the lack of sleep can leave us with dark under-eye circles, sagging skin, a blotchy complexion and pimples.

Using Skin Care Secrets for a Lovely Flight

The right skin care secrets for airline travel start with the products you use.  Your focus should be on keeping your face clean, hydrated, moisturized and naturally radiant. Use the following options to make sure your skin looks and feels its best when you arrive at your destination.

Keep Your Makeup in Your Carry-On

It’s true that you want to look great when you arrive at your destination, but one of my best skin care secrets is to wear as little makeup as possible, if any.  On a long, dry flight, makeup can be damaging to your skin.  Even worse, after everything you go through, you’ll be lucky if it stays in place the whole time.  The last thing you want is to arrive with healthy skin and racoon eyes!

Instead of putting on a full face of makeup, I focus on my best skin care secrets throughout the flight, then, before arriving, I use a good quality BB cream to give my complexion a boost. If I’m arriving in the daylight, I use a BB cream with an SPF of at least 30.  To finish off the look, I’ll just add a bit of mascara either before landing or upon landing and using the airport bathroom.  Using it too early will only let it flake during the dry flight.

Keep Things Clean

Before applying anything to your face, make sure your hands are clean.  Washing your hands is the best skin care secret for keeping them clean before touching your face. Worst case, a hand sanitizer will work, though it’s best to avoid that if possible because many hand sanitizer products will irritate the delicate skin of the face. Other than when you need to, avoid touching your face at all.

Hydrate and Moisturize

As much as possible sip away at water.  Also, make sure you keep your clean face moisturized with a good quality moisturizer. Avoid anything heavy or that clogs pores.  Look for labels such as “non-comedogenic”.

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