Top Delicious and Healthy Pasta Alternatives For Great Carb Control

Whether you’re trying to follow a low-carb diet or just maintain a better macro ratio, healthy pasta alternatives can be very helpful in letting you reach your goals. I just love pasta, but by the time I’m ready for dinner, I don’t usually have enough room to overload that many carbs into my meal and still keep up my ideal balance.

I’ve had times when I’ll eat a smaller portion of pasta as a side dish instead of filling my plate. I’ve also had times when I’ve skipped it altogether. My preference, though, is to use healthy pasta alternatives so I can have the meal I want without throwing all my efforts out of balance.

Amazing Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Since you know I’m always looking to share when I discover great tips, here is my list of delicious healthy pasta alternatives. They’re low in carbs, filling, delicious, and give me everything I want from a meal with noodles, but nothing of what I don’t want!

Soba Noodles

I’d never heard of soba noodles until I was watching a cooking show and a top chef used them. I whipped out my phone and looked them up. They’re now officially at the top of my healthy pasta alternatives list. They taste more like whole grain pasta than white, but they are soft without any hint of grittiness like some whole grains. These are high in protein and fiber and taste slightly nutty. When I first started eating them, I had to order them online, but they’ve become so popular that my grocery store now stocks them in the Asian foods section.

Spaghetti Squash

This isn’t exactly the same as noodles made from some form of flour, but they’re delicious, they’ll twirl around a fork and taste great with pasta sauces. These are the kind of healthy pasta alternative that come with tons of nutrients and fiber but without anything but a serving of veggies to your meal balance!

Spiralized Zucchini

Zucchini works perfectly in a spiralizer. That said, you can also cut it into wider ribbons or just julienne it if you don’t have specialty gadgets and just want to use a regular kitchen knife. Top it with tomato sauce, and you’ve got an ultra low-cal favorite among your healthy pasta alternatives. Add other veggies to the sauce and send your vegetable serving intake through the roof for that meal without feeling like you’re just eating a salad.

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