DASH Diet Recipes I Love to Make, Serve and Eat

Finding great DASH Diet recipes can help to make it far easier to keep up with this diet while enjoying delicious meals. After all, it’s all well and good to have a great diet, but if you don’t have delicious meals that fit within its rules, you’re not likely to stick to it for very long.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find the best possible DASH Diet recipes if that’s the plan you intend to use. This means that they should be delicious, affordable, have ingredients you can easily find and that the rest of your family loves, too. It should also be easy enough to make that you won’t hesitate to make it when you’re not in much of a mood to cook.

What to Look for in DASH Diet Recipes

Aside from making sure that your DASH Diet recipes actually suit this eating style, you also need to watch for other features. Some of the best options are those that can be made in a few quick minutes. Alternately, you might also love those that can be made in large batches so you can freeze extra portions and make meals out of them later on simply by reheating.

Look for DASH Diet recipes that provide different versions of meals you already know you enjoy. If one isn’t to your liking, don’t give up on any of the many other versions you can test out. Equally, don’t hesitate to try meals that are completely new and unlike other foods you’ve tried. That way, you’ll be sure to give yourself the best chance to discover meals you truly enjoy.

Some Easy Favorite DASH Diet Recipes

These DASH Diet recipes help you to make sure you get your 4 to 5 veggie servings per day, plus weekly nuts, seeds and legumes, while avoiding unwanted ingredients at the same time.

  • Breakfast – Try oatmeal with blueberries, whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of jam (preferably low sugar) and an apple, or two boiled eggs with a couple of slices of turkey bacon and a side of cherry tomatoes with some whole grain toast and even baked beans.
  • Lunch – Have a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread with a green side salad. You can also have a green salad with chicken breast and low-fat cheese cut up onto it and a side of brown rice.
  • Dinner – Enjoy salmon cooked in a teaspoon of your favorite healthy oil, along with boiled or steamed veggies and boiled potatoes. Alternately, make a chicken breast with a side of brown rice, carrots and broccoli. Have whole grain spaghetti and turkey meatballs with your favorite (non-cream) sauce and green peas on the side.

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