Hunger Hormones and Weight Explained

hunger hormones and weightThere is a connection between your hunger hormones and weight, and having a clearer understanding of that connection will help you take control and make decisions that will help you along your weight loss journey.

To learn a bit more about how your body works and how your weight can be affected by your hormones, check out the information below.

First Up, Ghrelin

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone that is responsible for increasing your appetite. It is primarily released within your stomach, and it is believed that this hormone is responsible for signaling to your brain that it is time to eat.

Researchers have found that ghrelin could play an important role when it comes to how soon after eating you become hungry again. Typically, this hormone will be reduced for roughly three hours after you have eaten.

Next Up, Leptin

When it comes to hunger hormones and weight, it is also important to know about leptin, which is responsible for suppressing the appetite. This hormone could also play a role in your energy level, and it is believed that it even helps with the regulation of ghrelin.

Basically, this hormone will send a signal to the brain to tell it that your body has plenty of energy stored up, such as in the form of fat. So if you have a lot of fat, your leptin level should be higher in your blood. However, the level of leptin could also be influenced by when your last meal was, as well as how much sleep you got. And just because you have higher levels of leptin doesn’t necessarily mean that your body will respond to its signals.

Can You Regulate Your Hunger Hormones?

Some experts believe that if you avoid eating foods that are high in fat, you could reduce your appetite by affecting your hunger hormones. Basically, when you eat a fatty meal, your body isn’t able to send the right messages to let your brain know that you have consumed enough food, and this could result in eating too much, storing too much fat, and gaining weight.

You can also try suppressing ghrelin by eating a diet that is high in protein or high in good carbs like whole grains. And getting enough sleep could also help keep ghrelin levels in check.

The connection between hunger hormones and weight is definitely interesting. By knowing how these hormones are affected by your diet, you can keep your weight under control and start losing weight more easily.

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