Senior Bike Riding Guide: Benefits, Safety and More

A great workout for seniors is bike riding. It is a low-impact exercise that will allow you to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine, but you can also purchase a stationary bike so you can exercise indoors when the weather does not permit you to go outside.

Before you dive into this type of exercise, check out the senior bike riding guide below to learn more about its benefits, as well as some safety tips and other helpful information.

The Benefits of Riding a Bike

There are a variety of reasons to get on your bicycle and head out for a ride, especially if you are a senior who wishes to stay in shape. First off, cycling is considered a low-impact cardio workout that is easy and fun. Secondly, as you ride, you will be working various muscle groups while also working on maintaining your mobility and flexibility. And, finally, bike riding can even help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight to keep a range of diseases at bay.

Choose the Right Bicycle

When it comes to senior bike riding, choosing the right bicycle will be your first step. A lot of seniors opt for easy boarding bicycles, as they were designed with older individuals in mind, so they can provide you with comfort as you ride. Or you could go for a step through bicycle, which is another great choice for seniors because it is easy to get onto and off of the bike. No matter what bicycle you choose, make sure that you are comfortable in it and that you feel secure and safe while you are riding it. Heading to a local bike shop to test out different models is the best way to find the perfect match.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

To remain safe while you ride, there are a few things that you can do. Wear protective bike riding gear, such as joint pads and a helmet, whenever you head out. You can also put reflective materials or flashing bike lights on your clothes and your gear, as well as on your bike, so that you are more visible to vehicles on the road. And biking during the day could also ensure that vehicles will see you.

Hopefully this senior bike riding guide has helped answer some of your questions about this popular activity. If you are still unsure about pursuing it, though, talk to your doctor about the exercises that are right for you.

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