A Deadlift Workout That Works on Your Whole Body

There was a time when physical exercise and strength training weren’t necessary, thanks to the hectic lifestyles of people, who grew and hunted their own food. However, the escalating growth in technology has made the first world population slaves to weight management problems. Metabolic rates in people have considerably dipped due to the lack of physical activities and consumption of genetically modified foods. Low metabolism also leads to muscle loss as you age. Thus, without cardio exercises and strength training, people will become vulnerable to long-term health implications.

While cardio exercises are more common and easier to adapt, strength training is equally important for muscle toning. A deadlift workout which exercises all muscles is the best way to tone your body. Building muscle to look good is not the only advantage of weight lifting. As we grow old, our muscles lose strength. A regular routine of weight lifting will keep your muscles well conditioned, and your body will be stronger and leaner than before.

To start a deadlift workout, it is important to plan your session. A good cardio warm-up and stretching are important for reducing the risk of injuries, such as muscle tears. Lifting weights heavier than your muscles can handle can cause injuries. Always start slow while building up through the week. The workout should also have deadlift variations to target all the muscles in your body to maximize strength.

Consistency is important when it comes to weight lifting. Taking long breaks causes your muscles to lose shape again. Twenty-minute sessions four times a week are recommended to keep your muscles in shape. Over exercising is also highly discouraged, as your body needs to rest. Excessive weight lifting can make you more susceptible to injuries.

Here are a few exercises you can incorporate in your deadlift workout to work out your whole body:

Barbell Deadlift: Stand with your feet aligned with your shoulders. Bend down keeping your chest high. Grab the bar while keeping your legs perpendicular to the ground. Then pull yourself to a standing position, placing tension on the bar. Take deep breaths, keep your core tight and lift the bar off the ground.

Barbell Good Morning: Pull your shoulders together to create a rack and load a barbell on your shoulders. Push your hips back as you turn at the hip. Breathe deeply and keep your core tight while the knees should be slightly bent.

Pull-up: While keeping your core tight, drive your shoulder blades down as you pull your chin over a pull-up bar. Then slowly go lower, maintaining the intensity.

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