Busting the Biggest Anti-Aging Myths

There is much written, said, discussed and debated about anti-aging. A simple internet search will show you hundreds of results where you will find information on combating aging and retaining your youth. However, in some cases, the information you find is either contradicting what you have read before, or based on unproven data. This is the dilemma for people seeking a solution to premature aging: not all the information you find about anti-aging online is accurate. Hence, there are many anti-aging myths doing the rounds as most people don’t know much about the best ways to counter the aging process.

Let’s take a look at the biggest anti-aging myths and bust them:

Don’t Smile
If Kim Kardashian is to be believed, smiling can cause wrinkles. You would know that Mrs. West isn’t exactly known for her intelligence and this is the case here as well. You normally see her expressionless as she believes that this will keep her skin from getting wrinkles. This contradicts what some skin experts have stated, i.e. smiling and feeling happy are natural ways to fight your age and appear younger for longer.

Clean Like There’s No Tomorrow
This is another prevalent myth, but this has more to do with the perception of ‘cleaning’ your skin. People assume that if there is skin is clean, they will look younger. Of course, it is obvious that cleaner skin looks better and your appearance improves after you wash your skin. However, if you clean your skin vigorously using soaps and other cleaning products, the harsh chemicals they contain can actually cause damage and make the signs of aging more prominent on your skin.

Cosmetic Products Will Do the Job
With all the fairness products and skin care cosmetics available on the market, you might feel they can get the job done as far as making you look younger is concerned. This is not the case, however, as most of these products merely help keep your skin clean and not much beyond that. So, don’t fall for the maker’s’ claims, as they have to find a way to convince people to buy what they are selling.

Modern Treatments Work the Best
There is no doubt that there are a few anti-aging treatments which work and deliver effective results but people generally believe that the latest treatments work the best. The thing is that they are more expensive and unless proven scientifically, you should not believe in their efficacy.

These are some of the biggest anti-aging myths you should know better than to believe.

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