The Problem with Artificially Sweetened Sodas

When people aim to lose weight, they often go on a diet and try to reduce the number of calories they consume. They begin consuming foods with low-calorie content and even use artificial sweeteners. Many products labeled as sugar-free, including sodas, contain artificial sweeteners.

Almost everyone assumes that consuming sugar-free or artificially sweetened products is healthy. However, artificially sweetened sodas only help in reducing the calorie intake. In addition to helping you decrease the number of calories you consume, these sweeteners may cause various health issues. In fact, there are studies that show artificial sweeteners are sometimes responsible for weight gain.

What Are Artificial Sweeteners?

An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute. It is generally derived from naturally occurring sugar substances. Artificial sweeteners are sometimes made from herbs and, in most cases, sugar. However, these sweeteners are extremely sweet. Even though the number of calories in artificial sweeteners is virtually zero, these sweeteners are still harmful for the body. This can be an even bigger problem if people are consuming artificially sweetened sodas.

Disadvantages of Artificial Sweeteners

There are many health concerns that may arise due to the consumption of artificially sweetened sodas. The culprit is, in fact, the artificial sugar within the soda. Let’s look at the disadvantages of the artificial sugar in sodas:

Excessive Insulin Generation

Artificial sugar is sweeter than naturally occurring sugar. The issue with this type of sugar is the fact that it does not have calories in it. When you consume artificial sugar, the body gets ready for sugar intake. Considering the fact that it is sweeter than regular sugar, the body pumps more insulin into your blood than it would for natural sugar. When the body pumps more insulin into your blood, it begins storing fat, no matter what you consume.

Functionality of Metabolism

Artificial sweeteners also confuse the metabolism. Your body gets ready for a significant calorie intake, considering the sweet taste, but when it does not get calories, the metabolism gets confused and slows down. Once the metabolism slows down, your body reduces the number of calories it burns and you begin gaining weight.

Increased Hunger

The worst part about consuming artificially sweetened sodas is that it stimulates your hunger for starchy carbohydrates. You begin craving pasta, bread, and other such foods. These foods have a high calorie count, and since your metabolism is already working at a lower rate, you gain weight.

Increased Risk of Obesity

According to one study, if you consume artificially sweetened food and drinks, you will increase the risk of obesity by over 180 percent. This risk further increases if you are consuming sugar-free sodas.

If you want to cut down on the calories you consume, you should consider alternate methods of reducing your calorie intake. Sugar-free products will do more harm than good and should be avoided.

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