Tips for Avoiding Workout-Related Injuries

One of the most concerning aspects of exercising or working out is injuries. Injuries are quite common when working out. Athletes who push their bodies to the edge of physical perfection are bound to get injured on the way. However, if you take a few precautions, you can reduce, if not eliminate the risk of workout-related injuries. Here are a few tips that you can use to reduce the risk of injuries during workouts:

Proper Warm Up

The most common reason for workout-related injuries is lack of proper warm-up. A warm-up session is the most important part of the entire exercise regimen. You have to prepare your muscles to bear the strain of the workout. Moreover, you have to get your joints in motion so that they are prepared to bear the weight you are about to lift. The best way to warm up is to do the exercises in your regular workout, but with feather-light weights. This will get the joints lubricated, and your muscles will be better prepared to lift the heavy weights.

Exercise Form

The form of an exercise is the most important thing. The forms are defined after extensive research. Each form is there to promote maximum muscle growth and reduce the chances of injury. Therefore, you should never compromise on form. Exercises such as the dead lift, require a straight back. You can lift the same amount of weight, maybe even more, with a curved back, but this will increase the chances of a spinal cord injury. If you are not sure about the form of an exercise, be sure to consult with your trainer.

Weight Intensity

Never lift more weight that you can handle. Even if you see your workout partner or your favorite athlete pulling out reps with higher weight intensity, don’t strain yourself. The best practice is to gradually work your way up. You may be able to lift heavy weights at first, but in the long run, it may cause injuries. You will know when a weight is too much to handle if you are not able to lift it with proper form for the exercise. If your form is shaky with a particular weight, immediately reduce it and work your way up.

Workout Intensity

Stamina varies from person to person. Some people can exercise for two hours at a stretch, others only for 30 minutes. If you exert yourself too much, your muscles will get tired and won’t support your joints. This is what is called over-training. Not only does this stunt muscle growth but also, since muscles aren’t supporting the joints, the risk of workout-related injuries is the highest at this point. You should only work out as much as your body can bear.

To avoid injuries during exercising, be sure to keep the abovementioned tips in mind.

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