Top 10 Most Romantic Villa Rentals in Mexico 

We love to travel, and Mexico is one of our favorite places to vacation. Not only is it a gorgeous place to take a luxury vacation, its most romantic villa rentals make it perfect for a couples getaway. Whether you’re on your honeymoon or you’re looking for the perfect romantic escape together, renting a private villa can easily provide the experience you want.

The most romantic villa rentals in Mexico will bring you more privacy and space and a more personalized vacation than even the best hotels can provide. Their experience is comparable to having an all-inclusive resort or a boutique hotel all to yourself. Read More

5 Bath Products I Use for Self-Care at Home, No Spa Required

Part of proper self-care at home means that you take some time for yourself.  Nutrition, exercise and sleep are all an important part of that.  At the same time, doing soothing things like reading a great book or enjoying spa treatments also have a ton of benefit. Since I haven’t been going out to spas much for a while, I’ve come up with a routine that I love at home. I look forward to going to spas again, but I think I’ll hang on to this routine even when that time happens.

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Keto Dieting Don’ts, Plus What I Think About This Plan

I’ve spent a lot of today going down a keto dieting don’ts and dos rabbit hole as I try to decide whether or not I think this is the right strategy for me. There’s a lot of information out there. Some of it is excellent. A lot of it is so inaccurate it makes my blood boil.  Fortunately, I’m retired and meditate a lot, so my recovery time is a lot faster than it used to be.

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