Ways to Reduce Free Radicals In Your Body

We hear it all the time “reduce free radicals” and this is certainly an important thing. This is a very easy thing to do if you understand what foods can do this, what they are and why you should be doing it. Here we will be touching on this so you have a complete understanding of what this term is all about.

What are free radicals?

You’ll hear a lot about free radicals when you are talking about cancers and such. Free radicals are the pollution in the body and this is the correct term because the free radicals in the body come from the pollution in the air, water and food we eat. We are actually being attacked all the time. It is a silent and invisible war on our bodies. Free radicals attack our skin as impurities clog our pores. The toxins that are not filtered out of our water are going into our system through what we drink and it doesn’t stop there. Our food is constantly doused with poisons and pesticides and germicides and every other “preventive” measure they take to keep the food supply going for a growing population.

How do free radicals affect the body?

These pollutive things attach to every cell in the body and depending on what types of free radicals they are, they will cause cells to malform and this normally causes cancer and other issues. They cause serious issues in the lymphatic system which is what your body uses to flush out toxins. However, some free radicals may prove too much for the whole system to deal with.

How to reduce free radicals in the body:

Beginning with the skin there are makeup brands that will block free radicals and there are also cleaners that target the free radicals and take them out of the pores. Then, working our way into the body will have to be through with processed foods. For your water–which is one of the most important and vulnerable passageways for free radicals to live and start living in you.

There is a water called “Clean Water” that is sold online and with certain retailers and that is water that will balance your systems and keep you free of free radicals and other things we have in our drinking water. You can also get a high quality filter to reduce free radicals. The foods that naturally bust those free radicals are of course any super foods and leafy green vegetables. Other things you can do is use natural clothes detergent and makeup as well as shampoo and anything that goes through your pores.

How to Maintain Good Balance As You Age

As we age, our balance tends to be a little less on target. This can happen for many reasons. But this is not a fate you have to be resigned to. You can always do exercises that enhance balance as you age. There are also little-known secrets to preventing some of the hidden reasons your balance could go off that nobody thinks about.

The first thing you should do upon noticing your balance isn’t that great anymore:

Your balance is run by the fluid in your ears and by your eyes. If anything interferes with either of those things, it can throw your balance off. The very first thing you do upon noticing your balance is not what it used to be–is to visit the doctor. They will look into the ears, the eyes and even the brain if need be to tell you what is happening here. Older folks are in the most danger of a fall and can benefit the most from this advice.

Your ears may need to be flushed out incase there is a clogging problem. Earwax and fluid trapped in them by way of swimming or the shower may be the cause. Another issue is wearing glasses or contacts that throw your balance off as well. Sometimes all it takes is a little eyeglass change and your balance returns.

Your balance can also be off because of your shoes! As we get older, our shoe size increases because our feet flatten out more. So, if you go to the podiatrist you may well find out that you are in need of a shoe size adjustment.

Now, after all that–it just may be a byproduct of aging that requires you to do some balance and coordination exercises. The exercises outlined here are simple as well as safe and effective. You will need a high back chair that is NOT a swivel and does NOT have wheels.

Stand beside the chair and gently place your hand on the upright back of the chair. Lift your right foot as high off the ground as you can slowly until you feel you need support with your hand. Tighten your grip on the back of the chair and regain balance. Then lower foot until you can loosen the grip on the chair back. Switch feet and repeat as many times as comfortable.What this will do is give you balance and train your mind to safely know how your feet should be positioned to maintain your balance.

The next exercise is also simple and an old fashioned one–yet–physical therapists will the same technique with fancier equipment. Place a book on your head (a very light one will do) and a piece of tape in a straight line on the floor and follow it. Posture is one of the causes of degenerating balance.

Another sweet one is the sobriety test! Yes. we want you to stand on a tape with one foot in front of the other, and touch your nose with each hand and switch. Do this slowly while not looking at your feet. Make sure you have the chair next to you at all times and repeat until its perfect!

Get Rid of Dry Mouth With These Useful Tricks

Dry mouth is a condition that is the result of decreased production of saliva. Dry mouth can make it difficult to talk and can also lead to malnutrition. Extreme dry mouth can produce significant permanent mouth and throat disorders that ultimately inhibit a person’s quality of life. 10% of all people develop saliva production disorders, like dry mouth. Generally saliva production disorders affect the elderly, and is more common in women than men. Read More