Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

It is getting closer to that time of year, flu season. People coughing, sneezing, wheezing – having to miss school or work. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to stop it before it starts. How? By strengthening your immune system. There are ways to strengthen your immune system to help you take on the world.


There are many foods that strengthen your immune system, many of which are very yummy and should be in your daily foods you eat anyway. Read More

Avoid Holiday Health Issues With These Tips

Holiday’s are supposed to be about family, friends, and togetherness right? However, inevitably someone can get sick, or end up in the hospital. No one wants that, but between the weather changes, stress and lack of sleep, this time of year can really take a toll on holiday health. Many times that kind of stuff can be avoided.

how to avoid holiday health issues:

The weather is rapidly changing, so make sure you are dressing for the changing weather conditions by layering accordingly. Make sure your garments are tight woven but loose fitting, this will help insulate you and keep all your body heat in. Cold weather causes many holiday health issues in seniors and infants. Layering is also important because you do not want to be sweating when you are indoors, then returning into the cold.

Stress and stress related illness are the number one holiday health issue(s). It is so important to manage stress, make sure you are taking a timeout for yourself everyday, you can not take care of others without taking care of yourself. Stress over a long period will cause serious health problems, and you never know when a panic attack will occur. It is important to keep a cool head, have a great support network, and if need be, join a support group or talk to you doctor about your stress levels.

Stress prevention ideas:

  • Keep a stress journal
  • Take a long hot bath
  • Taking part in hobbies or leisure activities that you enjoy
  • Stress balls (not only good for stress, but also for burning extra calories)
  • Get plenty of exercise, especially if you can get out of the house to do it
  • Stay in a budget during holiday shopping to avoid financial regrets

Another contributing factor to holiday health issues is unavoidable outside factors, such as someone around you being sick, or accidents. The best prevention tip for others around you having health issues first and foremost is wash your hands. Wash your hands as soon as you use the restroom, before meals and after being in the same general area as someone who has been ill. Next remember that when on the road be extra careful, you and others are under a lot of stress and may not be focused. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible this time of year, alcohol hinders your ability to make sound decisions.

During the holiday’s we are not usually ourselves, and we just want to enjoy family and friends. Remember to take care of yourself. You can not enjoy your holiday to its fullest if you are having health issues. The key to avoiding holiday health issues is prevention. Getting sleep is vital to this stressful time of year, so really do your best to catch some Z’s. Sometimes stressful situations are out of your hands but do your best to keep calm and stay focused, then talk to a loved one about it later.

Anti-Aging Skin Creams That Are Proven Effective

Aging is inevitable. The real mission is to drastically reduce the aging we have already experienced to prolong the youth of our skin as long as possible. With a great diet and the right creams you can do just that. The anti-aging skin creams in this article not only, make skin more youthful with every treatment, but the results are long lasting. The improvements actually come from deep within, rather than just a surface treatment.

The first of the most recommended anti-aging skin creams that are proven effective is DermaSet Anti-Aging Cream. The claim is instantly firmed and pulled back skin, giving a moisturized face, with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. DermaSet is also filled with ingredients that penetrate deep to stop any further aging from occurring. DermaSet is continually working to repair and restore damaged skin. Not only are the claims completely true, the results are long lasting, and do not reverse when you stop using the cream. You can find DermaSet on Amazon for $179.00, which might seem a little pricey but all users have said it was completely worth it and feel they all got their money’s worth.

The second of the anti-aging skin creams that are proven effective is Sisleya Global anti-aging cream. Packed with quality ingredients, this second place pick still offers some great skin benefits. This french company is the first in the anti-aging world to use plant life in their ingredients. Many people are happy with their results, saying that it is a great moisturizer and wonderful for winter time. However, though the product works well, many users cannot afford $311.75 for a 1.7 ounce jar. There are many skin firming and moisturizing benefits, and it does actually work in helping you achieve youthful skin. The ingredients used are very much top of the line, and well worth it.

Lastly, on the proven effective anti-aging skin creams is not actually a cream at all, it is a serum called Revive Defensif Renewal serum. It can be found on amazon for $161.99 per 1 ounce. While this serum is also a little pricey, a little will go a long way. It works by shielding the skin from free radicals and environmental stress. This will improve tone and texture immediately, while effectively increasing cell renewal. This product is perfect for any and all skin types and is great for any region during anytime of the year. Revive Defensif Renewal serum is a great product and the proven results are in the name, it is a defense for any and all weather, and speeds up skins renewal rapidly. This revival serum should be followed with a good moisturizer.

Getting older is inevitable, looking older doesn’t have to be. These three anti-aging skin creams are proven effective and are perfect to be used year round. Users even with the most sensitive of skin have reported these products giving no sign of allergic reaction. People who used these creams, love the ingredients, love the product, love the results.