Does Red LED Light for Anti-Aging Really Work?

I recently started using LED light for anti-aging. It’s a kind of product that I admit to having made fun of when I first heard of it.

Turns Out, it’s Not Snake Oil

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me she was using LED light therapy for a skin condition. I consider myself to be relatively open minded, with a positive attitude. Still, shining a light on your skin and hoping for results seems like a technology-based version of snake oil. Yet, I now have my own red LED light for anti-aging and I realize my friend was truly on to something.

LED light for anti-aging first appealed to me because it sounded a lot more pleasant than laser, micro-needling, dermabrasion, peels and other treatments that can be as painful as they are expensive. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles in magazines about hand-held devices and masks. I even looked into a few more academic and medical sites about them. As far as I understand it, there’s actually some science to support all this.

Which LED light for Anti-Aging to Use

As I looked into the LED light for anti-aging I’d want to buy, I found out there are a ton of possibilities. They range from around $40 to $300 and higher. They’re all pretty much based on the same principles.

Light emitting diodes (LED) is pretty much a powerful kind of light bulb. The ones meant for medical and cosmetic use are made to shine certain specific wavelengths. For instance, hospitals are using blue LED light for treating some kinds of infections and even treating babies born with jaundice. For combatting signs of aging on the face, it’s all about seeing red!

From what I’ve read, red LED light for anti-aging can help to reduce inflammation (redness and puffiness), improve circulation to the area and build collagen. My device is actually a combination of red and infrared lights.

What do I Think?

The package says that the wavelengths penetrate right into the skin cells deep down to stimulate collagen and elastin. This helps to address fine lines and wrinkles and encourages overall skin health. At the same time, it combats swelling and redness from inflammation.

I’ve used my LED light for anti-aging for about 8 weeks now. I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s calming, pain free and comfortable. I don’t trust claims that say they won’t hurt the eyes, so I wear tanning goggles regardless. I’ve noticed that my skin has a far more even look to it. I’m prone to red blotchiness and that seems to have all but cleared. To me, my skin seems firmer. I plan to continue using it.

How to Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party

It has taken me many, many years to master the art of being able to throw a stress-free dinner party. I used to love the idea of entertaining, but the pressure was so high Peter used to say I became another person.

He wasn’t wrong. It was as though this tense, stressed-out version of myself would take me over. I’d lose my cool over the slightest thing that went wrong. I remember nearly crying at the supermarket when they didn’t have a specific type of salt for the recipe I wanted.

Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party with Simplicity

For the longest time, my goal wasn’t to throw a stress-free dinner party. In fact, thinking back, it was as though I was trying to make things as complex as I could. It was as though I thought people would have a better time if I overwhelmed them with details. That said, my goal for myself was to look as though it was easy.

I’m not entirely sure where that strategy came from. Complexity doesn’t impress. At least, it doesn’t impress just because it’s complex. A well executed simple evening will be far more impressive than a complex one that leaves you looking harried – or MIA because you never leave the kitchen. A stress-free dinner party is as much fun for your guests as it is for yourself. You can reduce your stress and still show everyone a good time.

My Rules to Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party

This summer get ready to enjoy yourself. When the weather heats up, it’s the perfect time for entertaining. To do that, use my handy-dandy strategy to throw a stress-free dinner party. Works like a charm every single time.

Center yourself. I’m not trying to sound granola when I say this. In fact, I’m trying to be quite practical. Any time you feel yourself adding complexity or tension, correct your thinking. Remind yourself of the reason you’re doing this in the first place. To enjoy yourself, not to try to score that Michelin star!
Choose foods that allow for a great deal of advance prep. That way, you can spend as little time in the kitchen – and as much time with your guests – as possible. Sure, your guests want a nice meal, but they can get that anywhere. They’re there for you!
Start with a cold soup. It’s a full course you can prepare the day before. In fact, cold soups are typically better when they’ve had the time to sit for a day in the fridge. They’re a perfect warm weather meal. They’re also the perfect solution to throw a stress-free dinner party.
Never make a recipe for a dinner party that you’ve never tried before. Stick to the ones you’ve tested and loved. They’re golden to be sure you throw a stress-free dinner party.
Buy a fancy dessert. Yes, you could dazzle them by making something. However, the point is to throw a stress-free dinner party you’ll enjoy. Let another expert baker do the work!

12 Foods for Digestive Healing That Really Work

Have you been looking for foods for digestive healing to improve your overall wellness? Did you know that the quality and health of your digestion determines whether or not you will experience a range of different symptoms?

This doesn’t just include indigestion. Symptoms of an unhealthy digestive systems can seem entirely unrelated. The right foods for digestive healing can help to overcome those problems.

My Top 12 Foods for Digestive Healing

1. Bone Broth – A surprisingly helpful food, provided you make it yourself. Boil bones and other inedible parts over a very long time. The store-bought varieties aren’t nearly as good foods for digestive healing.

2. Coconut – Everything from coconut water to coconut milk and coconut oil are great foods for digestive healing. The key is to understand appropriate portions of each product.

3. Kombucha – This has become extremely popular in recent years. It’s a type of black fermented tea that tastes far better than it sounds. It’s filled with probiotics, enzymes and healthy acids.

4. Kale – If you didn’t already have enough reasons to love kale and eat it more frequently, here’s one more. It’s great for clearing out the digestive tract. It can be prepared in many ways, both raw and cooked. It’s even perfect in smoothies!

5. Chia seeds – These tiny seeds are a rich source of protein, fiber, and minerals. They’re fantastic for boosting bowel function while reducing cholesterol. Two tablespoons is all you need for a great difference.

6. Apple cider vinegar – The key to the benefits of apple cider vinegar among foods for digestive healing is in its acetic acid. It helps with the absorption of some vital vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.

7. Zucchini – The high fiber content in this veggie, combined with all the water it holds, makes it hydrating and fantastic for clearing the digestive tract at the same time.

8. Avocado – Avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. They’re highly nutritious. Avocados are also great foods for digestive healing. Amp up your breakfast or your smoothies with a few slices.

9. Ghee – This clarified butter has had much of the lactose, sugar and milk fats removed. It retains its freshness for a long time even when stored at room temperature.

10. Wild caught Atlantic salmon – Not only is this a delicious type of fish, but it’s incredibly good for you. It is an effective anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce redness and pain in your body while promoting overall better digestive health.

11. Banana – These popular fruits are incredible foods for digestive healing. In fact, they’re so gentle on the stomach that mashing them up on a piece of toast is often recommended for people who have been sick. They improve bowel function and are helpful to those who have been suffering gastric issues.

12. Ginger – This spice is beautiful for soothing the stomach. It can help ease nausea and gas issues. It’s important to note that a little goes a long way. Overeating it can lead to heartburn.