Tips to Really Let Go and Relax on Vacation

Do you feel like you never really get to relax on vacation? Often, we try to get so much out of our trips that we feel like we need to have another vacation after getting back from the first one. It happens to the best of us.

There are two main reasons that we don’t relax on vacation like we plan to. The first is that we’re usually heading to a place where we rarely go or that we think will be a once in a lifetime experience. As a result, we try to get as much as we can out of every minute, so we don’t miss out on something spectacular that we’ll never again have the opportunity to see.

How a Packed Itinerary Destroys a Chance to Relax on Vacation

Since we want to see it all and do it all while we’re away, we opt out of being able to relax on vacation. Often, we don’t even know we’re doing it. We think we’re doing ourselves a favor by making sure we don’t miss anything fantastic that the place has to offer.

The truth is that if you want to relax on vacation, less is more. Research shows it and its’ easy to feel when by the time you get home. This doesn’t mean that when you head away from home, you should just sit around and do nothing. However, if relaxation is your goal, there are some steps that you can take to be sure you have lots of fun, see what you want to see, and still have some great chill time.

Tips to Make Your Vacation More Relaxing

  • Stay in a relaxing place – Even if you’re going somewhere that is known for its excitement, make sure you have a calm place where you can return to wind down when you need to. Perhaps you want to stay at a private luxury villa rental while heading out to see all the exciting festivals, events, clubs and other attractions in the area. That way, you can always come back to your calm space where you can relax on vacation whenever you want to.
  • Prioritize your schedule – Make sure you know the priority of all the things you want to get done on your trip. That way, if you need to cut some things out, you know you’ll have seen the most important items and will feel less like you’re missing out. It takes the pressure off.
  • Be flexible – Be ready to switch up your itinerary. If you find that things are getting too busy on one day, shift other items to another day. Or, if you don’t feel like going to a museum in the morning, change it to the afternoon or the next day. That way, you’ll be doing what you want to do, not what your itinerary says you have to do. This makes it much easier to relax on vacation.

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