Understanding LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Colors and Options

I’ve been dabbling with LED anti-aging light therapy for a while now. In fact, I brought it up in a blog post last year, when I first started using red light therapy. At that time, it was mainly out of curiosity about the hype, but also because I’d been learning that there was more to this use of light energy than I’d originally thought.

My first impression of light therapy for skin care was that it was the latest fad in many types of nonsense already on the market. Turns out that I was wrong. I can admit it. It isn’t just a matter of aiming a flashlight at your face. Different wavelengths (colors) provide energy to the cells that can be used in different ways. Though red tends to be the top color used for LED anti-aging light therapy, it turns out that there is a spectrum of devices out there and if you want to choose the right one for yourself, you should take a bit of time to learn about the colors.

What I’ve Discovered about LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy

The most common colors you’ll find for LED anti-aging light therapy are easily red and even the occasional amber. That said, I’ve recently found that other wavelengths like green or even white can have great benefits for my skin and even my mental health.

I found this out by setting my red device aside for use other than on my face. For my face, I found a LED anti-aging light therapy mask that has seven color settings. I wear my light therapy mask for about fifteen minutes each day. I feel like I belong in a horror movie in it because it looks pretty scary when it’s on, especially when it’s lit up in red. It still makes me laugh if I spot myself in a reflection. I guess some of us never grow up. I’m thinking of adding stickers to the outside to tone down the creepiness.

The LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Colors I Use

I still use red. In fact, red LED anti-aging light therapy is still my favorite. If I were to go back to using just red, I think I’d be happy. Red is a healing color. The wavelength is packed with energy. It boosts collagen and elastin production and helps skin cells to heal. All that can help to ease wrinkles and fine lines reduce the sagging, decrease swelling and even make thinning skin better. I use this for five minutes a day on the maximum intensity setting.

I tested the yellow/amber setting for five minutes each day for a while, but didn’t really notice anything other than that I was wearing the mask longer. I eventually stopped using that wavelength for LED anti-aging light therapy.

I’ve added green for the last couple of months because it helps to balance skin tone. I appreciate that it helps to make my face look less blotchy, reduce redness and decrease puffiness. It also reduces hyper-pigmentation and since I used to do a lot of tanning in previous years, I’m paying the price now and will appreciate it when that is reduced. I also find the green light very soothing. It is the most calming part of the LED anti-aging light therapy routine I keep up on a mostly daily basis for more beautiful skin.

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