I’m Eating More of These Prebiotic Foods in 2019

It’s no longer a mystery whether or not prebiotic foods are good for us. Of course they are. But how much do we really know about these ingredients? I decided to ask this question and find the answer for myself for 2019.

I have known for some time that I should be more focused on ensuring that I eat enough prebiotic foods.

Surprising Facts About Prebiotic Foods

One of the interesting things that I’ve found about prebiotic foods is that they are extremely under-recognized in the grocery store. When I shop at my favorite supermarket, there are products advertising probiotics virtually everywhere I look.

However, when it comes to understanding where I can find prebiotic foods, it takes my own research. It’s rare for me to find any mention on product packaging. Though I’m not the type to believe everything I read on labels – I know they’re trying to make a sale – it would be nice if they gave me a hint.

Since better nutrition including improved consumption of prebiotic foods is a part of my 2019 New Year’s resolution, I’ve been arming myself with information for the last few weeks to be ready.

Probiotics vs Prebiotic foods

Probiotics are types of good bacteria that can temporarily boost those cultures in your digestive tract. That said, once your food is digested, they make their way back out of your system again. They don’t tend to stick around. They head outbound with the food that contains them. They’re good while they last, but they’re temporary.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, provide your gut with the type of nourishment the good bacteria needs to remain healthy and plentiful in your gut. Probiotics are a temporary fix, but prebiotics – when consumed regularly to keep up a balance – nourish your microbiome over time.

What Are the Best Prebiotic Foods?

There are many different kinds of delicious prebiotic foods. It’s better to eat a range of them than just one or two types, because different foods nourish different kinds of bacteria.

Also, combining probiotic and prebiotic foods helps you to get the most out of both. Among my favorite options for prebiotics are: walnuts, apples, dark chocolate, onions, red lentils, corn, oats and leeks. That said, there are many more. I try to eat combinations of them throughout the day to do my digestive health – and overall wellness – a big favor.

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