Important Steps for International Travel to Mexico for a Stress-Free Vacation

When you want to head off on a stress-free vacation – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want their trip to go smoothly? – it’s important to make sure you have all the right documents to be able to enter the country. The right documentation will depend on your citizenship.

Use These Tips to Help with a Stress-Free Vacation

For Americans and Canadians

Travelers from the United States and Canada will usually have the easiest time creating a stress-free vacation situation when crossing the border into Mexico.

The reason is that tourists from these countries need only their current passports and entry forms called the Migratory Form for Foreign Tourists, Transmigrants, Business Visitors or Councilor Visitors. Those forms can usually be found at travel agencies and airline offices. That said, if you don’t have one filled out in advance, you can obtain one at any Mexican entry point. Having the form completed in advance can make the process at the border much faster for you.

For Tourists from Outside North America

Tourists heading to a Mexico vacation from other countries are still able to enjoy a stress-free vacation. That said, it takes a little bit of extra advance planning. They require the additional step of obtaining a travel visa. To receive a travel visa to Mexico, they must contact the Mexican consulate within their home country.

To receive a visa, the traveler needs to provide proof of a valid passport, proof of sufficient economic means for the length of their stay in Mexico, and proof of payment for the processing fee which is charged at the border.

What is the Entry Fee to Mexico?

Tourists traveling to Mexico by land are exempt from paying a processing fee. That said, tourists are able to stay in the country for as long as 180 days.

When you enter the country by air, you’re set for a much more stress-free vacation as the processing fee is included in your plane ticket price. It’s usually around $22 at the moment and you will see it in the calculation for the price of your ticket. This means that when you fly in and out, you don’t need to worry about paying an additional fee.

That said, if you enter by air and stay for more than seven days you will need to pay the processing fee, which will be validate upon your departure from the country. It is paid only once per trip.

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