Best July Travel Destinations Around the World

It’s time to look at the top July travel destinations worldwide for your summer vacation! Here’s where you want to go for value and great weather in the middle of summertime (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least).

July travel destinations include a range of different possibilities. While you may have spent the entire year planning your vacation, you may also be the type to enjoy last minute trips. To help you out whether you’re planning next year’s trip or one for this July, here is a list of some top places to see.

Top 5 July Travel Destinations

#5 July Travel Destinations – Tuscany, Italy

There’s a reason this is peak season for this European vacation location. This is easily one of the top July travel destinations in the world. The weather may be hot, but your villa or hotel pool will be the ideal place to cool down. A gorgeous place to visit on its own, it’s also an easy distance from other parts of the country. Don’t miss the chance to see some of the outstanding world-renowned vineyards with a local guide!

#4 July Travel Destinations – Wales, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a fantastic vacation destination. While it was once (and still is) a top destination for history buffs, it offers a great deal more than a tour through the Tower of London. Head over to Wales to add natural adventures to your history, shopping and cultural experience. You’ll enjoy everything from an adrenaline-filled zipline course to an underground trampoline park. Everyone from hikers to climbers and surfers are falling in love with Wales and its unique natural features.

#3 July Travel Destinations – Baden Baden, Germany

Traditionally known as a wellness retreat, today’s travelers consider it one of the top July travel destinations for its annual Summer Festival, which takes place at Festival Hall. You’ll experience everything from piano concertos to opera. It’s an experience unlike anything else you’ll find on the planet.

#2 July Travel Destinations – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a newly beloved July travel destination because it’s only recently that tourists have started paying attention. Before now, it was often labeled a stopover destination. In fact, the city itself was among the first to identify it that way. Now, travelers are finding that July is the best time to head out and enjoy the city in its perfect weather. They’re either choosing it as a destination for their whole trip or are extending their layovers to see more of it on their way to somewhere else.

#1 July Travel Destinations – Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Anyone who considers Mexico too hot to visit among top July travel destinations has never been to the Riviera Nayarit at this time of year. Temperatures stay quite moderate, even in the summer! A luxury beachfront villa stay is affordable and offers some of the most unbelievable memories vacationers could want. Within reach of everything from golf to eco-tourism or just regular souvenir shopping, Riviera Nayarit is a dream come true year-round. Take every opportunity to enjoy the local food while you’re there. Your taste buds will dance!

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