How to Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party

It has taken me many, many years to master the art of being able to throw a stress-free dinner party. I used to love the idea of entertaining, but the pressure was so high Peter used to say I became another person.

He wasn’t wrong. It was as though this tense, stressed-out version of myself would take me over. I’d lose my cool over the slightest thing that went wrong. I remember nearly crying at the supermarket when they didn’t have a specific type of salt for the recipe I wanted.

Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party with Simplicity

For the longest time, my goal wasn’t to throw a stress-free dinner party. In fact, thinking back, it was as though I was trying to make things as complex as I could. It was as though I thought people would have a better time if I overwhelmed them with details. That said, my goal for myself was to look as though it was easy.

I’m not entirely sure where that strategy came from. Complexity doesn’t impress. At least, it doesn’t impress just because it’s complex. A well executed simple evening will be far more impressive than a complex one that leaves you looking harried – or MIA because you never leave the kitchen. A stress-free dinner party is as much fun for your guests as it is for yourself. You can reduce your stress and still show everyone a good time.

My Rules to Throw a Stress-Free Dinner Party

This summer get ready to enjoy yourself. When the weather heats up, it’s the perfect time for entertaining. To do that, use my handy-dandy strategy to throw a stress-free dinner party. Works like a charm every single time.

Center yourself. I’m not trying to sound granola when I say this. In fact, I’m trying to be quite practical. Any time you feel yourself adding complexity or tension, correct your thinking. Remind yourself of the reason you’re doing this in the first place. To enjoy yourself, not to try to score that Michelin star!
Choose foods that allow for a great deal of advance prep. That way, you can spend as little time in the kitchen – and as much time with your guests – as possible. Sure, your guests want a nice meal, but they can get that anywhere. They’re there for you!
Start with a cold soup. It’s a full course you can prepare the day before. In fact, cold soups are typically better when they’ve had the time to sit for a day in the fridge. They’re a perfect warm weather meal. They’re also the perfect solution to throw a stress-free dinner party.
Never make a recipe for a dinner party that you’ve never tried before. Stick to the ones you’ve tested and loved. They’re golden to be sure you throw a stress-free dinner party.
Buy a fancy dessert. Yes, you could dazzle them by making something. However, the point is to throw a stress-free dinner party you’ll enjoy. Let another expert baker do the work!

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