These Hidden Seaside Resorts in Mexico are Perfect for Stress Relief

Peter and I recently fell in love with one of the best seaside resorts and sunny travel destinations in Mexico we’ve ever visited. It made me think about the various hidden gems that must be tucked throughout the country. There are a lot of different types of Mexican vacations that you can take, depending on your tastes. I personally like to go for stress relief by escaping somewhere luxurious that also offers a few adventures and curiosities amidst my days of shopping among local artisans, tasting traditional foods and just sprawling out on the beach for a some vitamin D.

I know there are a lot more adventurous and sporty possibilities out there, but for me, relaxation and stress relief is at the center of pretty much all my vacation planning. At first, when we were looking for seaside resorts in Mexico, we would check the obvious places such as Cancun’s massive hotel zone. Over the years, we’ve come to look for more private and relaxing places. It’s true that we’re tourists, but we’d prefer not to be surrounded by other tourists the entire time we’re away. After all, if we wanted to be among people just like us, we’d stay home! We’d prefer to try to integrate ourselves into the local culture as we learn more about it.

The top options I’ve found for doing just that in terms of relaxing seaside resorts in Mexico include the following list. I’ve stayed at some of the following. Others are certainly on my list for future trips!

Best Hidden Seaside Resorts

Villa Estrella – This luxury Mexican villa was our home away from home during our last trip. It was absolutely perfect and had everything we could have wanted and more. It was clean, modern and stunning while being private, right on the beach and even had a personal chef! Peter and I have already agreed that this Nayarit hidden beach will be our accommodations for our next trip, too.

Riu Palace Las Americas – I think what appealed to me about this place among the potential seaside resorts in Mexico was that it was adults only and had a hotter night life than some of the other hidden gems I’ve spotted. I’m not usually one for partying very late into the wee hours, but every now and again I wouldn’t mind doing it to take myself out of my comfort zone. When it’s already available right there at the resort, I know I won’t have to do any traveling at night after a bit of drinking and dancing. The 24 hour room service also doesn’t hurt!

Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort – This resort is a true hidden gem right there in the Riviera Maya. It has a stunning beach and is surprisingly affordable. The beach there is just gorgeous, so it’s no surprise that you’ll see weddings there all the time. The rooms have the most inspiring ocean view and snorkeling is lots of fun, even for beginners like me!

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