What to Do When You’re Tempted to Cheat on Your Diet

No matter how hard you work on sticking to your diet and your weight loss plan, there are inevitably going to be times when you are tempted to cheat on your diet. Don’t be hard on yourself, as you are only human and everyone who attempts to lose weight faces these challenges. I face this challenge every Sunday evening, when we have our family over for a big dinner feast, and of course…a decadent dessert.

Now,  just because you are around those temptations certainly does not mean that you have to give in to them. Check out the tips below that that allow me (and hopefully you too!) to take the right steps whenever tempted to cheat on that diet.

Always Be Prepared

Do you typically feel a craving for something sweet in the afternoon while you are at work? Then head to your job prepared to face that temptation in a healthy way that will prevent you from cheating on your diet. Pack a low-calorie snack that is no more than 200 calories and contains plenty of protein and fiber. For example, you could have an apple with some almond butter on it. Then have that snack when you are facing your craving—or, better yet, before your craving even hits—as it will fill you up and prevent that unwanted drop in your blood sugar that will have you yearning for a piece of cake or something from the vending machine. Planning ahead in this manner can make all the difference, as you may not even be tempted to cheat on your diet in the first place if your keep your body fueled and satisfied.

Drink a Cool Glass of Water

Another easy step that you can take whenever you are thinking about snacking on something unhealthy is to simply drink a cold glass of water. You won’t be ingesting any calories, but your body will have to use calories in order to heat the water up as you drink it, so the colder the water is, the better.

Step Away from or Deny the Trigger

Triggers are those things that will tempt you to fall off your diet plan. They could be places, things, or even people that will tempt you to eat in an unhealthy way. Doing your best to avoid these triggers in the first place is your best bet at avoiding temptations, but if you find yourself in the trigger zone, just remind yourself that you can overcome it. If offered a trigger food, simply say, “No thank you. I don’t want any right now.” Saying this out loud will eventually help your subconscious (where those cravings are rooted) reprogram itself to believe you truly don’t want it.

Now that you know what to do when you are tempted to cheat on your diet, you can take additional steps to stay on track and lose the pounds without being too hard on your body or your mind.

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